Four Hours Without Fall

New York Tribune – February 22, 1913

Wrestling Bout Between Bothner and Irslinger Is Halted.

A new record in wrestling was established when Henry Irslinger, the middleweight and light heavyweight champion of Europe, and George Bothner, the national lightweight champion, grappled for almost four hours yesterday morning at Brown’s Gymnasium without either contestant gaining a fall.

The conditions called for the best two out of three falls at catch-as-catch-can.  The match was a hard one, and for the greater part of the time Bothner assumed the defensive.  Irslinger worked hard to down his man, and although on several occasions he had his opponent in tight places the slippery American wriggled out of them safely.  Bothner also showed that he was well versed in “la Savate,” for he used his feet effectively to break many grips.

At 1:45 a. m. the men were still fighting hard to gain a fall, but the match was halted by John J. O’Brien, of the New York Athletic Club, who acted as judge.

One month ago Irslinger endeavored to throw Bothner twice in an hour, but found the task beyond his ability, failing to get a single fall.

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