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Irslinger Arrives Here To Train For Brown Match

The Houston Post – June 16, 1920

Henry Irslinger, who meets Pet Brown at the city auditorium Friday night, arrived in Hourston Monday from Wichita Falls, where he defeated Pete Sauers, who recently showed here.  Irslinger pinned Sauer in 48 minutes.  Irslinger also claims a fall from Clarence Eklund in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Continue reading

Irslinger Loses To Brown

El Paso Herald – May 26, 1920

Texan Takes Two Hard Falls

PET BROWN’S nimble right foot, used as a defensive measure in breaking a head spin and toe hold sent Henry Irslinger to the ropes in a dazed condition and ultimately won the first fall of a two out of three match for the Texas star Tuesday night at Liberty hall. Continue reading

Pet Brown Meets Irslinger

El Paso Herald – May 17, 1920

Texas Star To Appear Here

PET BROWN, Houston, Texas, star, retired middleweight champion of the world, who recently made a comeback by defeating Charles Rentrop at catchweights, will appear in El Paso May 25 against Henry Irslinger, of Omaha. Continue reading

Crack Middleweight Wrigglers To Meet Before El Paso Fans

El Paso Herald – May 12, 1920

Claimant Of 158 Pound Title And Irslinger, Former Champion Will Be Next Headliner Card At Liberty Hall, Says Matchmaker; Will Meet At The Middleweight Limit.

WAINO KETONEN, Omaha, Neb., the city which has produced more high class wrestlers than any other place of its size in the world will meet Henry Irslinger, of Chicago, in El Paso within the next three weeks in a renewal of the crap for the middleweight title. Continue reading

Brown Arrives Fit And Ready

El Paso Herald – May 25, 1920

Meets Henry Irslinger Tonight

PET BROWN, until lately retired middleweight wrestling champion of the world arrived in El Paso Monday night from his home in Cisco, Texas, fit and ready to meet Henry Irslinger, of Atlantic City tonight in a titular match, best two falls out of three, no time limit at Liberty hall. Continue reading

Henry Irslinger Is Confident

El Paso Herald – May 24, 1920

Believes He Will Best Brown

So confident is Henry Irslinger, former wrestling champion, that he will be the victor in his match with Pet Brown Tuesday night at Liberty hall that he has asked business manager John McIntosh to make the match at catchweights. Continue reading

Irslinger Arrives For Match

El Paso Herald – May 21, 1920

Ready To Battle Champ Brown

PET BROWN may be the favorite over Henry Irslinger and he may be returned the victor, but it will only be accomplished after one of the most grueling and hotly contested battles in the history of El Paso wrestling. Continue reading

Irslinger Is Heavily Backed

El Paso Herald – May 20, 1920

Many Fans Think He Will Win

Undaunted by the impressive string of victories of Pet Brown, Texas favorite, conqueror of Mike Yokel, Charlie Rentrop and scores of others, Henry Irslinger is coming to El Paso heavily backed to win his engagement with the southern champion next Tuesday night in Liberty hall, best two falls out of three. Continue reading