Bothner Will Not Down

New York Tribune – January 24, 1913

Irslinger Tries Hard, but Loses in Wrestling Match.

Henry Irslinger, of Germany, the middleweight and light heavyweight wrestling champion of Europe, miserably failed to down George Bothner, the American champion, even once, in their encounter at Brown’s Gymnasium last night.  The German agreed to gain three falls on his adversary within an hour, but he found Bothner such a tartar that he was unable to pin the American’s shoulders to the mat.

During the last ten minutes of the bout Irslinger was on several occasions in imminent danger of being downed himself, but he safely wriggled out of Bothner’s grasp.

Irslinger, who tipped the weight scales at 168 pounds, had the advantage of eighteen pounds on his opponent.  When the contestants were called to the centre Irslinger immediately assumed the aggressive.  After fifteen minutes Irslinger secured a toe hold, but the slippery Bothner broek it amid loud applause.  Irslinger during the next half hour of wrestling got Bothner into several tight places, but the latter was too clever and would not be downed.

With fifteen minutes of the hour still left Bothner displaced his German rival as the aggressor and made it quite uncomfortable for Irslinger, who, however, was still strong.

Irslinger won the middleweight championship out of a field of 147 opponents for the Lord Lonsdale belt.  He is twenty-four years old.

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