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Ed Smith Says Tom Jones To Make Willard A Champ

Chicago American – April 1913
By Ed. W. Smith

Tom Jones really is going to manage Jess Willard, the elongated “white hope.” Further, Jess isn’t ungrateful and is going to make amends to Charley Cutler, the heavyweight wrestler who brought him out and grub-staked him while he was preparing himself for tests in the early stages of his ring career. Continue reading

C.A.A.’s Best Bout Goes To Ed Lewis

Chicago Sunday Tribune – November 30, 1913

Ed Lewis added another victory to his string last night when he won from Jack Sajatovic of Belgium in the feature bout of the wrestling show at the Chicago Athletic Association. Lewis showed great cleverness and gained many additional admirers by his sportsmanlike attitude toward his opponent. Continue reading

Four Hours Without Fall

New York Tribune – February 22, 1913

Wrestling Bout Between Bothner and Irslinger Is Halted.

A new record in wrestling was established when Henry Irslinger, the middleweight and light heavyweight champion of Europe, and George Bothner, the national lightweight champion, grappled for almost four hours yesterday morning at Brown’s Gymnasium without either contestant gaining a fall. Continue reading

Bothner Will Not Down

New York Tribune – January 24, 1913

Irslinger Tries Hard, but Loses in Wrestling Match.

Henry Irslinger, of Germany, the middleweight and light heavyweight wrestling champion of Europe, miserably failed to down George Bothner, the American champion, even once, in their encounter at Brown’s Gymnasium last night.  The German agreed to gain three falls on his adversary within an hour, but he found Bothner such a tartar that he was unable to pin the American’s shoulders to the mat. Continue reading

Wrestling Bouts at Fairmont

The New York Times – December 20, 1913

Three bouts made up the programme of wrestling at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx last night, and a large crowd attended, witnessing some good wrestling of the catch-as-catch-can style.  The feature bout was between Paul Samson, the German giant, and Harry Litosky.  Samson had little difficulty in disposing of his adversary in straight falls, gaining the first in twelve minutes, with a body nelson, and throwing Litosky again after three minutes and forty seconds of tussling, with the same hold. Continue reading

Neck Yoke Helps Strangler Lewis In Bid For Honors

Chicago Sunday Tribune – November 30, 1913
by Ray C. Pearson

By aid of what is termed the “neck yoke” in wrestling parlance, Ed Lewis of Lexington, Ky., bids fair to become one of the greatest heavyweight wrestlers America ever has produced. It is not improbable that at some future date the crown so ably worn by Frank Gotch, the Humboldt, Ia., farmer, may rest on the head of the Kentuckian, for he is only a “kid” in years as well as in the mat game, and still has plenty of time to “grow.” Continue reading

Gotch Inspecting Minnesota Lands

Minneapolis Journal – September 3, 1913

CROOKSTON, Minn. — Frank Gotch, the wrestling champion, who has been inspecting his land in Roseau County and his 1,000-acre farm recently purchased in Polk County, has returned to Iowa to complete plans for developing his Polk County holdings into a model stock farm. Continue reading

Zbyszko’s Skull Broken

The New York Times – May 26, 1913

Polish Wrestler Hurt in Bout with Constant Lemarin.

MONTREAL, May 25. – Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, is suffering from a fractured skull and other injuries as a result of a plunge from the ring to the floor and alleged fouling tactics used by his opponent, Constant Lemarin, in a match here last night.  While his condition is serious, it is not believed that his injuries will prove fatal.  The big Pole, however, will be idle for some time. Continue reading

Wrestler Demetral Challenges Hangman To Break His Neck

Syracuse NY Herald –  November 4, 1913

DETROIT, Mich. — William Demetral, the Greek wrestling champion of the world, has issued the most unique defi to the world ever made by an athlete. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis, Who Will Meet Leoho Here Tomorrow, Defeated Swedish Champion In Rochester

Schenectady Gazette – January 8, 1913

Kentucky Grappler, in A-No. 1 Condition and Fresh from Victory Over Hjalmar Lundin, Tuesday Night, Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning in Readiness for Finish Match in Red Men’s Hall With Finn Heavyweight – Jack Winrow to Officiate as Referee.

Word was received last night from Ed “Strangler” Lewis, stating that he would come to this city early tomorrow morning for his scheduled finish match tomorrow night in Red Men’s Hall with Carl Leoho, the Finn heavyweight.  Tonight he will wrestle in Oswego, facing Peter Michialoff and will leave for this city immediately after the match. Continue reading