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Irslinger v. Pergantes

The West Australian – November 28, 1928

Claiming that he has greatly improved his condition during his season in Western Australia, Henry Irslinger is confident of his ability to turn the tables on Louis Pergantes – the only man who has beaten him in Australia.  They will wrestle eight ten-minute rounds at His Majesty’s Theatre on Friday night.  Since his arrival in Perth on Friday last, Pergantes, a Greek, has been training systematically.  His numerous matches against all-comers in the Eastern States has worked him into good condition.  He is anxious to prove himself here in order that he might secure a match with his countryman, Kilonis, when the latter visits Perth. Continue reading

Pergantes v. Irslinger

The West Australian – November 29, 1928

Wrestling enthusiasts are speculating as to whether Henry Irslinger, former middle-weight champion of the world, who has yet to lose a match in Perth, can turn the tables on Louis Pergantes, who caused him to surrender in their match in Melbourne.  They will wrestle eight 10-minute rounds in His Majesty’s Theatre to-morrow night.  Irslinger has proved himself in Perth, and the fact that Pergantes beat him in Melbourne stamps the Greek as a wrestler of class.  Pergantes has also figured against men of the type of Thye, Zarynoff, and Eklund.  He is on the trail of Kilonis, who claims the heavy-weight championship of Greece, and as that wrestler may soon be in Perth, Pergantes is anxious to justify himself to-morrow night.

Twelve rounds of boxing will precede the wrestling.  Box plans for the programme are on view at J. Gleeson’s, Hay-street.

Pergantes Defeats Irslinger

The Argus – December 3, 1928

PERTH, Sunday. – Louis Pergantes, of Greece (12st. 2lb.), defeated Henry Irslinger, of America (12st. 3lb.), by two falls to one in a wrestling match here last night.  The Greek was too fast for Irslinger, and his legwork had the American constantly on the move.  Pergantes gained the first fall in the third round by applying the splits and suddenly reversing the hold, thus bringing Irslinger’s shoulders to the mat.  Irslinger obtained his only fall in the fifth round, when, after dazing his opponent by a series of flying headlocks, he caught him in an aeroplane spin and dumped him heavily.  In the sixth round Pergantes was almost disabled by six headlocks, but by suddenly dropping backwards on to his opponent from the ropes he gained the winning fall.

Irslinger and Pergantes

Argus – March 26, 1929

PERTH, Sunday. – Henry Irslinger (12st.) drew with Louis Pergantes (12st. 5lb.) in a six-round wrestling match last night.  The wrestling was fast and scientific.  Pergantes gained the first fall in the fourth round when Irslinger submitted to a reverse double arm scissors.  Irslinger evened the falls with a cradle hold in the last round.

Irslinger and Pergantes

The Argus – January 14, 1929

Perth, Sunday. – Scientific wrestling at its best was displayed last night when Henry Irslinger (12.1) defeated Louis Pergantes (12.5), by two falls to one.  By gaining a strong cradlehold Pergantes won the first fall in the second round, but Irslinger equaled in the fourth round by applying a series of headlocks.  Both men used speed and strength to advantage.  In the fifth round Pergantes had his opponent almost insensible as the result of several vicious headlocks, but when he was about to apply another Irslinger suddenly jerked backwards and won the deciding fall.