Caddock’s Story Scouted

Associated Press – March 3, 1919

DES MOINES, Ia. – Friends of Earl Caddock, world’s wrestling champion, are inclined to accept with reservation the announcement just received from France that he has decided to quit wrestling and turn farmer exclusively.

This information was contained in a special bulletin from the overseas edition of the Camp Dodger, the publication of the 88th Division, to which Caddock was attached as sergeant. It came from Grandercourt, France, and was as follows:

“Caddock is on his way home, but he will wrestle no more. Before he left the division, he told his friends that when he was released from the army he was going to retire permanently from the struggles of the mat and turn farmer.

“It is to be a Wyoming ranch and it’s all on account of friend wife. For Caddock frankly admitted that his wife objected to the wrestling game. He said he had cleaned up $80,000 in the last year and ws ready to retire anyway. He added that he would ignore all the many offers of matche he had received.

“Caddock left the 88th division at Lagney to attend an officers’ training school, but the armistice was signed before he could complete his course. His name was brought to the fore at the announcement of the coming Olympic Games at Paris next spring and the 88th wired to find out whether he was coming back. They received a telegram that he was on his way home.”

Every previous report had been that Caddock was anxious to defend his title and would meet all logical opponents. It has been known here, however, that Mrs. Caddock has never favored his continuance in the wrestling game.

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