Wrestling Tourney Scheduled

The New York Times – November 25, 1917

A wrestling tournament at catch-as-catch-can style is to be held at the Lexington Theatre beginning Dec. 3.  Among those who are expected to compete are Earl Caddock, Wladek Zbyszko, Ed Lewis, Joe Stecher, Dr. B. F. Roller, Americus, Jess Westergard, Demetrus Tofalos, Alexander Thomas, Yussif Hussane, Cyclone Burns, Bob Managoff, Henry Ordeman, and John Freyburg.  They comprise the leading wrestlers of the country.

3 responses to “Wrestling Tourney Scheduled

  1. Nice to see the paper of record writing about wrestling. Didn’t see a word in this morning’s edition about Summerslam last night though

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Seems like The New York Times had a lot of wrestling coverage back in the day.

      • My first published article was in the Lexington Herald Leader when I was in grammar school. I wrote a piece on Dino Bravo’s string of under 15 minute wins and they published it. Wish I still had a copy.

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