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Wrestler Zbyszko Throws Pilakoff

The New York Times – February 24, 1911

Polish Grappler Gains the First Fall in 53: 13 and the Winning Fall in 18:00.

Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, won the catch-as-catch-can finish match with Pilakoff, the Finnish champion, at Sulzer’s Harlem River Casino last night, gaining two straight falls. The first was secured in 53:13, with a crotch and scissors hold, and the second came in 18 minutes with a scissors and bar hold. The big Pole showed himself Pilakoff’s superior at every stage of the contest, and the only thing in doubt after the first few minutes was the length of time before Zbyszko would secure two falls. The Polish champion gave Pilakoff no chance to do any aggressive work, and gradually wore him down to submission.

The men shook hands at 10 o’clock and Zbyszko quickly secured a leg hold and forced Pilakoff to the matt. The latter was soon tide up in a half nelson and crotch hold but broke away and jumped to his feet. Zbyszko again put Pilakoff down and secured another half Nelson, but the Finn was able to break. Five minutes had been used up before Pilakoff assumed the aggressive, but it was only for a few seconds. At 7:30 Pilakoff again surprised Zbyszko, but the latter had no trouble in getting away. Continue reading

Pilakoff Wants Return Match

The New York Times – January 25, 1911

Pilakoff, the Finnish lion, is not at all satisfied with the result of his wrestling match with Zbyszko, and having entirely recovered the use of his right arm, which was injured, he is anxious to meet the Polish champion again, under the same conditions that governed the last contest, or to a finish under mixed style rules.  Pilakoff will be on hand at the Grand Central palace tomorrow night to publicly challenge Zbyszko.

Wrestler Pilakoff Hurt

The New York Times – January 17, 1911

Zybszko Throws Finnish Grappler, Tearing Ligaments of Right Arm.

Pilakoff, a Finnish wrestler, after losing the first fall in his contest with Zbyszko in 0:46:16 injured his right arm in the second period and was compelled to forfeit the fall and match to the Polish wrestler at Prospect hall last night before a crowd that packed the large hall to the doors.  The gigantic Pole agreed to throw his Finnish opponent twice within an hour, and accomplished his first fall after the pair had wrestled a clean and sportsmanlike contest for 0:46:16 After the first fall the pair were allowed a reposition of ten minutes, and in the remaining 14 minutes and 44 seconds the Pole was to have tried to negotiate another fall.  After they had gone 7 minutes and 34 seconds.  Zbyszko, who was making every effort to win, grabbed his opponent from a standing position and threw him bodily over his head in a manner that had occurred on three previous occasions.  When Pilakoff came down he landed on his elbow with great force and pulled the ligaments of his right arm out of place.  He lay helpless on the mat in great pain and was unable to continue. Continue reading

Pole Wrestles Tonight

The Milwaukee Journal – January 17, 1919

Wladek Zbyszko, Polish champion, will make his second appearance in Milwaukee Friday night at the Empress theater, where he is slated to wrestle Pilakopf, giant Finn, in a decision match.  A preliminary tilt will precede the wind-up.  Zbyszko disappointed a packed house two weeks ago when he failed to show here to meet Joe Rogers, being stalled in Iowa.  He is, however, under heavy guarantee now and will not fail to appear.  Following this contest he will take on Joe Londas here in a week in what should be the best wrestling bout Milwaukee has witnessed in years.

Ferocious Finn Downed

The New York Times – December 22, 1917

Rogers Ignores Verbal Attack and Pins Hevonpaa to Mat.

The winning career of Sula Hevonpaa, Finland’s rotund wrestler, in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre, was canceled before it really had a chance to mature.  Up to last night the ferocious Finn had registered on victory in the tournament that has now been progressing for three weeks. Unfortunately for Hevonpaa, Joe Rogers, a local grappler, loomed up in Sula’s path last night in one of the finish matches, and the result was the breaking of Hevonpaa’s winning streak. Rogers disregarding the noisy objections of his Finnish opponent, finished the Finn in 14:10 with a side roll and double arm lock.  Booth the mat was pretty well occupied while the bout lasted. Continue reading

Matches In The Wrestling Meet

The Morning Leader – December 10, 1917

NEW YORK, Dec. 9. – Three finish matches in the international wrestling tournament were decided here last night.  Joe Rogers, the American Apollo of Rochester, N.Y., threw Pierre Le Colosse, the French giant in two minutes and ten seconds with a body scissors hold.  In the second match Ed “Strangler” Lewis, of Lexington, took advantage of the carelessness of Fred Pilokoff, the great Finn, after 14 minutes and 12 seconds of wrestling by throwing him with an arm scissors and further arm hold.  Wladek Zbyszko, of Poland, was the aggressor in the second contest with Steve Havige, of Slavonia, and finally pinned his opponent’s shoulders to the mat with a body scissors hold in 11 minutes and 42 seconds.