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Wrestling Tourney Scheduled

The New York Times – November 25, 1917

A wrestling tournament at catch-as-catch-can style is to be held at the Lexington Theatre beginning Dec. 3.  Among those who are expected to compete are Earl Caddock, Wladek Zbyszko, Ed Lewis, Joe Stecher, Dr. B. F. Roller, Americus, Jess Westergard, Demetrus Tofalos, Alexander Thomas, Yussif Hussane, Cyclone Burns, Bob Managoff, Henry Ordeman, and John Freyburg.  They comprise the leading wrestlers of the country.

Zbyszko Defeats Ordeman

The Mercury – May 18, 1914

The Winner And His Shoes.

Zbyszko defeated Henry Ordeman for the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship here last night.

Ordeman won the first fall in 26 minutes; Zbyszko took the second in 13 minutes, and the third in 33 minutes.  Zbyszko forfeited $100 when he removed his shoes during the match.  Zbyszko threw the shoes amongst the audience and nearly precipitated a riot.  The police were called in to quell the disturbance.

Big Champion Takes Two Falls In A Row

The San Francisco Call – April 12, 1911
By William J. Slattery

Ordeman Shows Skill as Defensive Performer, But Is Easily Tossed to the Mat

San Francisco took its first look at Frank Gotch, world’s heavy weight champion wrestler last night.  It was the first time that a mat champion has shown here since the days that William Muldoon reigned as champion, but for all this the small sized crowd did not even show a flash of enthusiasm.  Incidentally, Gotch won the match by throwing Henry Ordeman in two straight falls, the first time in 19 1/2 minutes and the second time in 16 ½ minutes.  Perhaps he might have ended the match in half the time had he tried. Continue reading

Dr. Roller The Victor

The Herald-Republican, Salt Lake City, Utah – February 11, 1910

Gets One Fall and Awarded the Second in Tough Match With Ordeman.

Seattle, Feb. 10. – Dr. B. F. Roller of this city defeated Henry Ordeman, the Minneapolis wrestler, in a match here to-night.

Roller won the first fall after an hour and six minutes of hard wrestling, finally throwing Ordeman with a half Nelson and crotch hold. After thirty-four minutes of wrestling for the second fall, Roller was awarded the decision on a foul. The referee held that Ordeman used an unfair hold in throwing his leg across Rollers head and neck and disqualified him. The ruling raised a storm of protest from the crowd but without avail.

Kid Herman refereed the match.

Stecher Flops Henry Ordeman

Chicago Tribune, May 4, 1916

MINNEAPOLIS, May 3 (Special) — Henry Ordeman lost to Joe Stecher in straight falls at the Auditorium, but he won the distinction of being the first man to stay more than twenty minutes with the Nebraska comet, incidentally winning
his wager. Continue reading