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Toe Hold To Be Barred In Linow-Lewis Match

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – April 24, 1916

There is one ambition that Linow, the Cossack, is determined to realize and that is to defeat “Strangler” Lewis. The “Russian Man Eater” is a burly, impetuous athlete and is wrapped up in the wrestling game. His matches in Norfolk have shown him to be always an aggressive, sincere grappler with the one object of winning in view from the time he starts a bout until the finish and there is no limit to the physical power and skill that he does not put into his work to vanquish his opponent. Continue reading

Ferocious Finn Downed

The New York Times – December 22, 1917

Rogers Ignores Verbal Attack and Pins Hevonpaa to Mat.

The winning career of Sula Hevonpaa, Finland’s rotund wrestler, in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre, was canceled before it really had a chance to mature.  Up to last night the ferocious Finn had registered on victory in the tournament that has now been progressing for three weeks. Unfortunately for Hevonpaa, Joe Rogers, a local grappler, loomed up in Sula’s path last night in one of the finish matches, and the result was the breaking of Hevonpaa’s winning streak. Rogers disregarding the noisy objections of his Finnish opponent, finished the Finn in 14:10 with a side roll and double arm lock.  Booth the mat was pretty well occupied while the bout lasted. Continue reading

W. Zbyszko Pins Linow In Hard Bout

Boston Globe – April 27, 1920

Plenty of action, in which every known hold in wrestling was tried, featured in the all-star program last night in Mechanic’s Building. The crowd of 2,500 was kept in a state of excitement from the very start.

A group of 50 soldiers from the Reconstruction Hospital, and 25 sailors from the Naval Hospital at Chelsea were guests of manager George Tuohey.

Wladek Zbyszko, the Pole, had to work hard to overcome Ivan Linow, “The Russian Lion.” It was really the feature bout. Linow had his opponent in many treacherous positions, but lacked the power to pin the Pole’s shoulders to the canvas. After 1 hour 19 minutes and 3 seconds of pulling, hauling and tugging, “Zib,” with a flying mare and body hold, drove Linow’s shoulders to the mat. Linow was stunned by the fall, but recovered later.

Cyclone Burns, the best of the local favorites, defeated Henry Varnini, who substituted for George Manich. Burns’ all-around cleverness gave him the winning fall in 30 minutes 15 seconds. He used a head scissors and arm lock.

Jimmy Londos, the Greek, found Bob Brown, who is a clever jiu jitsu wrestler, a difficult opponent. Londos and Brown rolled around the ring, but the greater experience of the former gave him the win in 53 minutes.

Cyclone Burns is matched to wrestle Tommy Draak Thursday night at the Grand Opera House.

Stecher-Lewis Bout Draw After Two Hours

Associated Press – April 26, 1918

NEW YORK – The wrestling match between Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Joe Stecher, held at Madison Square Garden tonight, was declared a draw after two hours.

In the preliminaries to the Lewis-Stecher match, Americus of Baltimore threw Soldier Leavitt, U.S.A., with a body and arm hold, in 6 minutes and 15 seconds. Anton Stecher, brother of Joe, threw Cyclone Ress, with a toe hold, in 10 minutes and 5 seconds, and Yousiff Hussane of the Balkans and Ivan Linow, the Cossack, drew after thirty minutes of rough wrestling.