Sandy’s Dope

Omaha World-Herald – April 24, 1918
By Sandy Griswold

HOTEL KNICKERBOCKER, New York, April 23 To Sandy Griswold, sporting editor of the World-Herald: In support of offer of $50,000 for a championship match between Earl Caddock and winner of Stecher-Lewis match in Madison Square Garden Friday evening, I have this day posted a certified check for $10,000 with John Doyle, whom every newspaper in New York will endorse as positively responsible. The match takes place July 4 or any date agreeable to contestants. JACK CURLEY.

The above speaks, in plain language, and it sure doesn’t look very good for Omaha’s getting the return match — if there ever is one, for Lewis is liable to turn some sort of a trick on Peerless Joe, at New York Friday night – between Earl Caddock and Stecher. From the appearance of things it looks very much as if Joe has been hooked, or in other words he is at last in the clutches of the combine.

Hundreds of times he has sworn to me that he would never meet Ed Lewis again anywhere outside of Omaha – that it was here he would have to square himself for the exhibition two years ago, or go without another chance. Joe felt that this match rightfully belonged to Omaha, and being the royal good, the fellow that he is he swore that Omaha should have it. But high ho! Or high lee! Money cuts an awful swathe with the best of us, and the presumption is Joe sees his pile by going over to Jack Curley, who, without one exception is the greatest sporting impressario in the world.

We don’t care much, however, one way or the other – only overwhelmingly disappointed, that’s all.

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