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The New Wrestling Champ

The Day Book – April 14, 1917

Earl Caddock - The New Wrestling Champ

It is with pleasure we introduce the new wrestling champion, Earl Caddock of Iowa.


Less Than Dozen Fans Attend Wrestling Handicap

Modesto Evening News – August 16, 1917

Young Samson’s wrestling show at Rogers Hall last night proved unattractive to local mat fans, less than a dozen taking a chance. Samson was to have met three men in one hour. But one of his opponents made an appearance. He stayed with the middleweight fourteen minutes. Samson will no doubt leave Modesto in quest of riper fields.

Wrestling Tourney Scheduled

The New York Times – November 25, 1917

A wrestling tournament at catch-as-catch-can style is to be held at the Lexington Theatre beginning Dec. 3.  Among those who are expected to compete are Earl Caddock, Wladek Zbyszko, Ed Lewis, Joe Stecher, Dr. B. F. Roller, Americus, Jess Westergard, Demetrus Tofalos, Alexander Thomas, Yussif Hussane, Cyclone Burns, Bob Managoff, Henry Ordeman, and John Freyburg.  They comprise the leading wrestlers of the country.

Fans Take No Chances Getting Bleacher Seats

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – March 7, 1917

Except to those who ere a part of the large crowd in Pickwick Hall last week it would be difficult to explain the advance rush for bleacher seats at the wrestling bout tomorrow night between Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Charlie Cutler. The fans who witnessed the bout between Lewis and Freberg are taking no chances on being late and being barred out from the hall tomorrow night as well as the ringsides are going with a rush. Continue reading

Lewis In Two Falls; Referee Ward Unpopular

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – March 9, 1917

It was not only a disappointed but a rather angry crowd which objected at the Pickwick Hall when, during the second round of the wrestling contest between “Strangler” Lewis and Charley Cutler, he made the latter release a deadly and fatal arm lock on his opponent and return to the center of the ring, whereupon almost immediately Lewis secured the identical hold and was awarded the decision, having previously gained the first fall in 41 minutes with a terrific flying mare clinched and riveted to a full body fatality. Continue reading

Frank Gotch Dies After Year Of Illness

Morning News Tribune – December 17, 1917

DES MOINES, Ia. — Frank A. Gotch, retired champion heavyweight wrestler of the world, died at noon yesterday at his home, Humboldt, Ia., of uremic poisoning. He had been in failing health for more than a year. Continue reading

Stecher Wins in Straight Falls

The New York Times – February 23, 1917

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22. – Joe Stecher of Nebraska defeated Ad Santel, Pacific Coast wrestling champion, here today in two straight falls.  The men are heavyweights.  Stecher got his second fall in 11 minutes 54 seconds with a double wristlock.  The first fall was won in 38 minutes 17 seconds and was obtained with a body scissors and a double wristlock.

Stecher And Santel Will Wrestle Today

Deseret Evening News – February 22, 1917

San Francisco Feb. 22.–Joe Stecher of Nebraska, with his crushing body scissors, and Ad Santel of San Francisco, who has won his way to prominence by means of a punishing arm scissors, will match their favorite holds here today in a two and a half hour time limit wrestling bout, best two falls in three.  In the event of no falls a decision will be rendered by the referee. Continue reading

Smith To Referee Waterloo Match

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – June 7, 1917

Managers Of Earl Caddock And Joe Rogers Both Favor Him.

Wrestlers Are In The Pink

Rogers Has $2,500 To Wager That Caddock Cannot Throw Him In An Hour.

Waterloo, Ia., June 7. – Owing to a disagreement between Gene Melady, manager of Earl Caddock, and Larney Lichtenstein, manager of Joe Rogers, who will meet in a finish match here Friday evening, it is probable that Edward W. Smith of Chicago will be selected as referee. Continue reading

Antone Irsa Easy For Ed Lewis Toe Hold

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – March 17, 1917

The question arose last night in the match between Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Antone Irsa, the Bohemian giant, whether a man is allowed to expectorate while in the ring. “Sure,” said “Strangler” Lewis, “if he wants to take the consequences.” Irsa was still counting the stars, so no opinion could be obtained from him except a few guttural remarks. Continue reading