Cox Downed By Nagurski In 40 Minutes

Washington Post – September 11, 1937
By Bob Garrison

Buckin’ Bronko Nagurski, the 236-pound blond wizard, who earned his reputation as an All-American football player who needed no interference, had to have the way cleared for him last night as he successfully defending his world’s heavyweight wrestling championship against Joe Cox, of Kansas, at Griffith Stadium.

Four thousand persons, the largest crowd of the current season, watched the former Minnesota grid great pin his villanous foe with a series of flying tackles and airplane spins after 40 minutes of one- sided grappling in which the referee, Billy Clark, National Wrestling Association selection, collaborated with the champ in disposing of his fourth victim since he won the crown from Dean Detton.

As colorless as the dark center field behind the wrestling stage, Nagurski failed miserably to arouse the spectators one way or the other as he methodically went about his task of winning. And, self assured, he suffered but little punishment at the hands of Cox. Each brutal hold that Cox applied was quickly broken by Referee Clark.

The end came suddenly after cox had been hurled from one side of the ring to the other, beaten about the face, and catapulted through the ropes numerous times. Nagurski used his football training to advantage, when he threw three body blocks at the stunned Kansan, tackled him and then took him for an over the head merry-go-round ride.

At this point, under Cox’s 227 pounds, the merry-go-round broke down, with Nagurski emerging on top of his weary foe, pinning him without a tussle.

Ray Steele, veteran title claimant, defeated Bill Sledge, of Texas, in the semifinal match in 18 1/2 minutes with a series of body slams. They offered the best demonstration of grips of the evening.

In preliminary events, Abe Coleman and Wee Willie Davis, billed as the battle of “David and Goliath,” wrestled to a 30-minute draw, as did Al Mercier, of Canada, and Rudy Dusek, Omaha veteran; and Billy Hansen pinned Eddie Cook in 10 1/2 minutes with a body press.

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