Wykoff Puts Szabo Down In ‘Grudger’

Los Angeles Times – June 6, 1940
By Al Wolf

Sandor Szabo was the people’s choice in the recent heavyweight rasslin’ roundup, but Senor Szabo was injured en route and Lee Wykoff emerged the champion.

Ever since, Senor Szabo has been casting aspersions on Mr. Wykoff’s talents as a sinew snapper, much to the latter’s disgust. So last night they had it out at the Olympic before a jury of some 6,000 zealots.

Result: Two falls for Wykoff, one for Szabo – and that’s that.

The boys dug deep into the trick sack for a couple of cutie finishers. After Wykoff took the opener with an ordinary body slam in 19m. 19s., Szabo got even with a maneuver which he must have learned watching one of those window flapjack makers. As Wykoff threw him to the mat and clambered aboard, cagey Senor Szabo emulated a pancake turner and went from bottom to top in a split second. The technical name is a reverse body roll and the time was 6m. 32s.

For the clincher, Wykoff responded with a complicated contraption called a pullover, in 5m. 10s.

All the individual bouts appeared tame in comparison to the team presentation, in which Tarzan White and Hardy Kruskamp (heroes) did away with Jules Strongbow and Wee Willie Davis (need we bother to identify them as deep-dyed villains?). It was like four bulls in a China shop. Results of other bouts:

Rube Wright pinned Sonny LaMont in 9m. 15s., body slam; K.O. Koverly pinned Max Krauser in 13m. 3s, body press; Hardboiled Haggerty pinned Vic Christy in 12m. 15s., body press; Sammy Stein drew with Pete Peterson; and Jimmy El Pulpo pinned Don Luis Sebastian in 12m. 16s., jack-knife scissors.

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