Wykoff Squelches Koverly To Win Wrestling Tourney

Los Angeles Times – May 16, 1940
By Al Wolf

Apparently all things must come to an end – even international heavyweight wrestling tournaments.

Jack Daro’s mat mammoth, which began in William Jennings Bryan’s heyday, according to oldtimers hereabouts, wound up last night at the Olympic with Lee Wykoff, a semi-bald party from little Nevada, Mo., the champion of champions, or something.

A mere stripling when the roughhouse serial started, Wykoff outlived some contestants and flung others to emerge on top of the heap and qualify for an early crack at Jeem Londos, the champion of champions’ champion, if you get what we mean.

Mr. Wykoff, a heroic type whose weakness is resplendent velvet dressing robes, took care of matdom’s Peck’s Bad Boy in the finals, much to the enjoyment of some 7,500 faithful.

P.B.B., of course, is George Koverly, a chappie who invariably is in Dutch with the boxing fathers or John Law or both because fans pick on him without cause – according to Koverly.

The streamlined Yugoslavian (as we go to press such a land still exists) took the first fall of the great finale in 17m. 20s. with a body press garnished with uppercuts and kneeings.

But our hero from the “Show Me” state wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to take curtain bows – he had worn his slinkiest green lounger for the occasion. He bounced villainous Koverly until the rafters resounded, threw him outside the ring for the fans to pummel briefly and then slammed him for keeps, all in 10m. flat.

Georgie was one of those every-picture-tells-a-story guys after being so rudely used and was easy pickings in Heat No. 3. Wykoff, who was afraid he’d forget the victory speech he had memorized, hurried across the ring and thumped Mr. Koverly to the mattress in a mere 28s. and the tourney was over – at long last.

As a chaser, there was one of those riotous team matches, with Rowdy Rudy LaDitzi and Jules (Fearless) Strongbow annihilating Sammy Stein and Vic Christy. Even Man Mountain Dean, back among us again, blew a fuse bellowing belly laughs.

Other events resulted as follows:

Vincent Lopez threw Wee Willie Davis in 13m. 18s., body press; Ali Baba threw King Kong Clayton in 5m. 10s., pile driver; Pantaleon Manlapig threw Harry Jacobs in 9m. 46s., body press; Tarzan White threw Crusher Billings in 14m. 21s., body slam; Max Krauser threw Tony Felice in 4m. 15s., airplane spin, and Jack Sullivan threw Bobby Coleman in 9m. 16s., body press.

2 responses to “Wykoff Squelches Koverly To Win Wrestling Tourney

  1. I have pictures of Rowdy Rudy Laditzi and family history because he was my wife’s uncle…. consequently I do know first hand of some of his background.

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