Russell In Opener On Mat Card

Rochester Times-Union – April 2, 1940

The card completed by the addition of a Rebel Russell-Mark Hosely opener and the substitution of King Kong Cox for Wild Bill Longson in the semi-final, mat impresarios today sat back to wait the verdict of the addicts on the “all roughhouse” card they’ve rigged up for the Convention Hall ring tomorrow night.

There was one squawk today, but it came from one of the wrestlers on the card.  Surprisingly enough it was from Elmer the Great who came up with a “beef” over going two out of three falls against Ivan Rasputin in the main event.

Likes One-Fall Route

Elmer, the great one, who puts “Estapp” to his contracts had signed one of the latter in blank last week and when local officials bracketed him with Rasputin, which was acceptable; they simply wrote in two of three falls.  Elmer didn’t like it but the officials remained adamant, so Elmer will have to take his chance to concentrate on the all important one fall.

The card, made avowedly to please those who like the “hopped up,” slugging school of mat mayhem, is as follows now:

Semi-final – Leo Numa, Seattle, vs. Ted (King Kong) Cox, 45 minutes; Ted Christy, newcomer from California, vs. Lee Henning, the Iowa blonde; Rebel Russell, two gun Texan, vs. Mark Hosley, Wisconsin, 30 minutes.

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