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Referee Scores One, Tosses Singh – Out

The Pittsburgh Press – May 5, 1936
By Lester Biederman

Horrid Hindu Can’t Behave So Rasputin Is Declared Winner

General Sherman, the eminent soldier, once said “War is Hell,” and today Nanjo Singh, the well-known Hindu wrestler, is going around the country, speaking of Pittsburgh in much the same tones. Continue reading

Wrestling Results

The Pittsburgh Press – May 5, 1936

MOOSE TEMPLE – Ivan Rasputin, 210, won from Nanjo Singh, 202, disqualification, 23:55; Billy Thom, 164, threw Pete Sherman, 175, 26:20; Bert Rubi, 158, drew with Leo Wallick, 178, 45 minutes; Eddie Malone, 180, threw Bad Boy Brown, 203, 13:27; Jack Conley, 187, drew with Walter Sirois, 193, 30 minutes. Continue reading

Injury Halts Match

St. Joseph, MO., News-Press – May 6, 1939

Warren Bockwinkel Carried From Ring Unconscious.

Bronko Nagurski Shows Own Version of Tackle to Capture Feature.

Bronko Nagurski dipped into his bag of football tricks last night at the Auditorium to bring a quick and unexpected ending to his main event match with Warren Bockwinkel.  As a result, Bockwinkel was carried unconscious from the ring and ordered not to attempt to return by Dr. M. H. Talty, physician for the Missouri state athletic commission. Continue reading