Higami Pins His Lordship

San Francisco Chronicle – December 20, 1935

Although he protested with all the eloquence of a peer in the British Parliament, Lord Lansdowne could not get his message across to Referee John Kallos last night at the Civic Auditorium wrestles. As a result, Tsutao Higami, the Japanese “rubber man,” won the match.

“His Lordship” had whirled Higami around with an airplane spin and thought the match was over when he bounced the rubber man to the mat. But Higami bounced too far and a body press shoved Lansdowne and his curly locks into the mat.

Lansdowne claimed he was first, but Kallos couldn’t see it, but he did see Higami’s stunt. So all ended with boos and cheers in 29 minutes.

Although Dr. Barney Cosneck won two matches in the scheduled main event, his victories were accompanied by a small sized riot. First he pinned Les Wolfe in 18 minutes with a rolling wrist lock, but his next opponent, Ted Christy, wasn’t so nice. Christy gouged and kneed Cosneck, and finally threw him out of the ring. They led Barney back, and after more of the same Cosneck was awarded the bout on a foul. Following which the crowd – some of it, anyway – came into the ring while others chased Christy to the dressing room.

Other results: Mysterious Mr. X pinned Billy Hassan, 11 minutes, body slam; Buzz Reynolds on from Jack Domar, 11 minutes, drop kick; Al Stecher downed Tug Wilson, 15 minutes, body slam; Ken Hollis and Tiger Tsakoff, draw.


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