McGuirk Pins Ted Christy; Higami Wins From Singh

San Francisco Chronicle – December 13, 1935

Although Ted Christy insisted upon being an old meanie and doing things he shouldn’t have, everything turned out all right last night at the Civic Auditorium and Leroy McGuirk retained his light heavyweight wrestling title.

Christy won the first fall in five minutes with a body press and knees to the jaw. This latter method inspired John Kallos, referee, to issue a warning, but Mcguirk won the next fall in 10 minutes with exactly the same procedure, and the final fall was finished in nine minutes with a flying tackle and body press.

Red Lyons, the villain of the lightweight wrestling trust, didn’t earn any applause, but he did get a draw with Shinuchi Shikuma in the special event.

Tsutao Higami won on an arm stretch from Basanta Singh in 10 minutes.

Mysterious Mr. X beat Jack Domar on a foul in 10 minutes. Buzz Reynolds won from Joe Padia in eight minutes with a cradle hold.

A good house greeted the lighter wrestlers.

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