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Russell In Opener On Mat Card

Rochester Times-Union – April 2, 1940

The card completed by the addition of a Rebel Russell-Mark Hosely opener and the substitution of King Kong Cox for Wild Bill Longson in the semi-final, mat impresarios today sat back to wait the verdict of the addicts on the “all roughhouse” card they’ve rigged up for the Convention Hall ring tomorrow night. Continue reading

Kim Battles Thesz For Mat Title Tonight

Chicago Tribune – July 16, 1954

Lou Thesz of St. Louis will defend his world heavyweight wrestling crown against Lu Kim of Manchuria in a two out of three fall, 60-minute bout in Rainbo Arena tonight.

Thesz, unbeaten since winning the title from Wild Bill Longson in 1948, will have Ed (Strangler) Lewis as an advisor in his corner. Kim has a reputation of ignoring the rules once inside the ropes.

Big Bill Miller, who hails from Ohio, and Andre Drapp of France will meet in a rematch on the same program.