Little Wolf Meets Lutze In Mat Bout

San Francisco Chronicle – June 3, 1935

Chief Little Wolf, the Navajo Indian wrestler, is set for a tough struggle tomorrow night when he locks grips with Nick Lutze, fast and scientific “grunter” from Venice, Cal., in the final event on Jack Ganson’s program at the Dreamland Auditorium.

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, who has been wrestling for over 30 years and has engaged in over 5,000 matches, keeps on working. Tomorrow night, the four-time holder of the world’s heavyweight title takes on Milo Steinborn, the German strongboy, in a one-hour, one-fall contest. Steinborn has never lost a bout at Dreamland.

Three other tussles over the 30-minute, one-fall journey follow: “King Kong” Cox vs. “Iron Mike” Mazurki; Count Cassie De Collelmo vs. Ted Christy; Vincent Lopez vs. Hans Schroeder.

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