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From Bad To Worse For Jerry Lawler

Charleston Post and Courier – August 26, 2001

It’s been a bad year for The King.

Several months ago Jerry Lawler got the word prior to a Smackdown taping that his wife, Stacy Carter (The Kat), was being fired in the middle of a storyline, and that he had to be the one to tell her.

Taking the high road, he decided to stand up for his new bride, pack his bags along with hers, and leave behind a high-profile spot as Raw color commentator as well as more than a quarter of a million dollar salary. Continue reading

Marlin Refereed Matches Between Kaufman, Lawler

Hendersonville TN Star News – January 7, 2000
By Suzie Perkins

Sumner County Executive Tommy Marlin is anxious to see the new movie “Man On the Moon.”

After all, he might be portrayed in it. Continue reading

Gardens Goes To The Mat For Its ‘Last Dance’

Louisville Courier-Journal – June 27, 2001
By Tom Heiser

As the doors close on the Gardens, it is impossible not to wax a little nostalgic.

I’ve watched great haunts of my youth — the Vogue, the White Castle in the Highlands — disappear from the local landscape without the benefit of a final lying-in-state, one last chance to say goodbye. With the Gardens I have that chance. Continue reading

The Monday Night Fights

Memphis Magazine, May, 1983
By David Dawson

Talk about a hell of a card. We got your Bruise Brothers and your Galaxians and your Sheepherders. We got your crowd-pleasing superhero muscle-flexers like Dutch Mantell and Sonny King and Bill Dundee and – yes, believe in it – Jerry “The King” Lawler. We got your newcomers like Philip Rougeau and Cowboy Jim Dalton. We got two – count ‘em, folks – two Heavyweight Title Matches, one for the Mid-American Crown and one for the International Crown. It’s Monday night at the Coliseum. The Fights. What more could a guy want? Continue reading

Yes, Folks, Jerry Lawler Is Serious

Memphis Flyer – July 22-28, 1999
By Jackson Baker

Guaranteed: Here are two ideas that you won’t hear from any other mayoral candidate. Continue reading

Zany Andy Tosses In The Towel

New York Post – April 19, 1982

Comedian Andy Kaufman says he’s through with wrestling — but that didn’t stop him from getting into a verbal brawl near Lincoln Center.

Zany Andy, who’s taken on a number of bizarre opponents in the ring, was dumped head first in a match in Tennessee this month by 235-pound Jerry Lawler. He was hospitalized briefly and now wears a neck brace. As the “Taxi” regular was walking by Scooterwear, a West Side clothing store, songwriter Chris Robison, who happened to be lending the store owner a hand, yelled, “Serves you right, Andy.” Andy stormed over.

“He used every profanity in the book,” Robison told PAGE SIX, “and threatened to return with bodyguards.” Kaufman returned later, alone. Denied entrance to the shop, he let loose again, “yelling and screaming,” said Scooterwear owner Toby Davidson. “I always knew he was a wild guy but this was obnoxious and venomous.”

Davidson said Kaufman kicked in the door, but Andy denies that. He said his only kicks were verbal. Kaufman told PAGE SIX: “I admit I was wrong. I know I acted like a crazy person.” Kaufman even concede that Robison had a point. “It DID serve me right — I was foolish to get in the ring (in Tennessee). But why did he (Robison) have to taunt me?”

Sensitive Andy reported that his neck feels better but also told PAGE SIX he’ll never wrestle again.