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Dusty Rhodes To Visit CFCC Gym

Ocala Star-Banner – December 7, 1982

The Central Florida Community College Patriots will host a Championship Wrestling from Florida card on Dec. 17 at the Patriot gym.

The first match is slated for 8 p.m. Continue reading

The American Dream

Ocala Star-Banner – December 26, 1982
By Alyse Lounsberry, Lifestyles Editor

DUSTY RHODES, THE AMERICAN DREAM ...About 3,500 fans cheer as he enters the ring at CFCC

…About 3,500 fans cheer as he enters the ring at CFCC

Meet Dusty Rhodes, Heavyweight Wrestler Whose Message Of Success Wins Fans, Coast To Coast

Dusty Rhodes grew up in Texas, if not “dirt-poor,” then poor enough to dream of bigger, better things.  He found them in the confines of a wrestler’s ring, amid throngs of fans, all screaming, wriggling, waving arms, hollering, chanting, cheering for Dusty Rhodes, who somewhere along the rocky road to success ceased to become just Dusty Rhodes and became The American Dream. Continue reading

Reed, Stud In ‘Body-Slam’ Challenge

Lakeland Ledger – August 13, 1982

LAKELAND – Hacksaw Butch Reed will meet Big John Stud in a special body-slam challenge match tonight at the Lakeland Civic Center in professional wrestling action. Continue reading

Wrestling At Creek Tonight

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – February 6, 1982

Spruce Creek High School will once again be the site for professional wrestling tonight at 8 p.m.  The main event will feature a grudge match between Killer Karl Kox and The Iron Sheik.  Other wrestlers on the card include Mike Graham, J.J. Dillon, Jack Brisco, and Dory Funk Jr.

The One & Only Strangler

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune – January 9, 1982
By Dave Engel

Wrestlers are the champions of River City.

Names like Jack Reinwand, Ed Seen, Dave Witt, Mike Webb and Lafe Enkro inspire grammar-school aspirants to the grapplers’ hall of fame.

But more renowned than any interscholastic matman was the notorious Strangler. Continue reading

Zany Andy Tosses In The Towel

New York Post – April 19, 1982

Comedian Andy Kaufman says he’s through with wrestling — but that didn’t stop him from getting into a verbal brawl near Lincoln Center.

Zany Andy, who’s taken on a number of bizarre opponents in the ring, was dumped head first in a match in Tennessee this month by 235-pound Jerry Lawler. He was hospitalized briefly and now wears a neck brace. As the “Taxi” regular was walking by Scooterwear, a West Side clothing store, songwriter Chris Robison, who happened to be lending the store owner a hand, yelled, “Serves you right, Andy.” Andy stormed over.

“He used every profanity in the book,” Robison told PAGE SIX, “and threatened to return with bodyguards.” Kaufman returned later, alone. Denied entrance to the shop, he let loose again, “yelling and screaming,” said Scooterwear owner Toby Davidson. “I always knew he was a wild guy but this was obnoxious and venomous.”

Davidson said Kaufman kicked in the door, but Andy denies that. He said his only kicks were verbal. Kaufman told PAGE SIX: “I admit I was wrong. I know I acted like a crazy person.” Kaufman even concede that Robison had a point. “It DID serve me right — I was foolish to get in the ring (in Tennessee). But why did he (Robison) have to taunt me?”

Sensitive Andy reported that his neck feels better but also told PAGE SIX he’ll never wrestle again.