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Johnny Valentine

The Journal-Register – May 1, 2001

DALLAS – Johnny Valentine, a former professional wrestler whose career was shortened by injuries in a 1975 plane crash, died Tuesday at 72. Continue reading

Whoooooooo! Never Sounded So Good

Scripps-Howard News Service – December 30, 2001
By Alex Marvez

Never has Ric Flair’s trademark “Woooo!” sounded so good.

Flair’s recent return to wrestling after an eight-month absence was long overdue. Flair – who is regarded as the greatest performer in wrestling history by most industry observers – debuted in the World Wrestling Federation last month as the promotion’s “co-owner” along with Vince McMahon. Continue reading

WWF Struggles As Wrestling’s One Super Power

Galveston County Daily News – December 20, 2001
By Scott Williams

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum, but the wrestling industry has been making what Ross Perot might call “giant sucking sounds” for months. A couple of would-be players are scrambling to fill the void, but scrambles often turn to stumbles. Continue reading

Fights Of Fantasy

San Francisco Chronicle – May 4, 2001
By Dave Ford

Any cultural critic worth her Foucault knows that early-third-millennium America is a smash-mouth, trash-talkin’, in-your-face Wrestlemania world where mere mortals bow before the power of hulking bruisers with bad mullet haircuts who blast bad talk. Continue reading

Chyna Exits WWF

Orlando Sentinel – July 15, 2001
By Ric Russo

Now she’s just Joanie Laurer.

Recently in his weekly Ross Report, WWF official Jim Ross reported contract negotiations between Laurer — a k a Chyna — and the WWF had broken off. Continue reading

Who You Calling Old-timer?

Orlando Sentinel – July 15, 2001
By Ric Russo

ESPN Classic Professional Wrestling Features Footage From The Heydays Of The Rough-and-tumble Giants.

Are you a fan of “old-school” professional wrestling?

Do you yearn for the days when grapplers with monikers such as Killer Kowalski, Moose Cholak, Gorgeous George and Andre the Giant ruled the ring? Continue reading

WCW Update

Orlando Sentinel – May 27, 2001
By Ric Russo

Speaking of WCW, in the time since the organization dropped from the radar screen, I have received a plethora of e-mails concerning its status.

I know as much, or as little, as you do.

No relaunch date has been set by the WWF, and the wrestlers themselves — the WCW performers who came with the purchase agreement — aren’t talking either. This much is known, courtesy of WWF official and television announcer Jim Ross: Continue reading

A Real School Of Hard Knocks

Orlando Sentinel – May 27, 2001
By Ric Russo

Terry Taylor Is Putting Together An Academy For Sports Entertainment Field.

Terry Taylor has worked with some genuine pro wrestling legends during his 21-year career. Eddie Graham, Cowboy Bill Watts, Ric Flair and Vince McMahon are just a few of the men who have influenced the former grappler. Continue reading

Who Was That Masked Woman?

Orlando Sentinel – March 25, 2001
By Ric Russo

Several recent World Wrestling Federation broadcasts have featured a mysterious woman dressed like a Ninja warrior assisting Raven during hard-core matches. The woman behind the mask is Tori — real name Terri Poch — a performer who is perhaps best remembered for her work with X-Pac and Degeneration-X faction. Continue reading

He’s A Regular Rhodes Scholar

Orlando Sentinel – March 25, 2001
By Ric Russo

Dustin Rhodes Wants To Be A Major Player In The Business — Just Like Dad

Generating fan interest is a must for any pro wrestler who wants longevity in the business. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s there was perhaps nobody better at creating an air of excitement both in and out of the ring than “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Continue reading