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A Chokehold On America

Newsweek – February 27, 2000
By Newsweek Staff

Readers were sharply divided over our Feb. 7 cover story on America’s obsession with the resurgence of professional wrestling. Many found the topic offensive and the trend disturbing. “Have you lost your collective minds by featuring professional wrestling on the cover of your magazine?” asked one. “Your story shows the depth of our current cultural rot,” wrote another. “It rolls us all downhill toward dumb and dumber.” But we also heard from enthusiasts who applauded the sport for its high-energy entertainment value. “As a closet wrestling fan, I’m not ashamed to say that this is one of my guilty pleasures,” one letter writer told us. “It’s the soap opera for men of all ages.” Continue reading

Why America’s Hooked On Wrestling

Newsweek – February 7, 2000
By John Leland

On Dec. 13 of last year, the World Wrestling Federation was broadcasting live from Tampa, Fla., and trouble, as they say, was afoot. Baseball legend Wade Boggs was in the house; the nation’s No. 1 author, a man in a leather mask named World Wrestling Federation Mankind, was scheduled to wrestle; the women’s chocolate-pudding match was good to go. Yet all was not right: not for the WWF, not for Vince McMahon, its chairman and mastermind. On the previous week’s broadcast, his real-life daughter, Stephanie, had been “tricked” into marrying his arch nemesis, the wrestler Triple H. Now McMahon was running into the ring with a sledgehammer, out for blood. Stephanie had a surprise for him. She was in love with Triple H, she told him. And further, they were taking control of the company. “Triple H outsmarted you by making business personal. That’s something you know all about.” Continue reading

Proceeds From WCW’s ‘Fall Brawl’ to Benefit Children’s, DiPaolo Fund

The Lancaster/Depew Bee – September 7, 2000

Shane Douglas 9-7-2000

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas
will be one of the many WCW wrestlers on hand at the HSBC Arena for Sunday, Sept. 17’s pay per view event, “Fall Brawl.”

World Championship Wrestling is bringing one of its major events of the year “Fall Brawl,” to the HSBC Arena on Sunday, Sept. 17, and two local charities will benefit from the nationally televised pay per view event. Continue reading

After the Bell

Beaver County Times – December 3, 2000

News and gossip from the wrestling world:

  • Stephanie McMahon has been added to the creative team that writes WWF television.
  • Since returning to WCW after suffering third-degree burns, Bam Bam Bigelow has reported no problems.
  • Jim Neidhart and the British Bulldog will be released shortly by the WWF.
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling owner Paul Heyman said he has no interest in bringing back Sabu.
  • Rob Van Dam will finally be looking to add the ECW world title to his resume when he returns to the company full time.
  • WWF officials are very impressed with Molly Holly, especially after “Smackdown.” Not only can she hit the high spots, but the WWF also considers her a good worker of matches.  A WWF Women’s Title run will probably be in the near future.
  • There were a lot of rumors circulating last week about Eric Bischoff taking steps toward developing a start-up promotion. Sources say Bischoff has already contacted Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior to be part of the group.  He also has a WCW employee recruiting talent from within WCW, according to one source who says he was propositioned.  Bischoff is said to have had high-level meetings with Fox about airing the promotion.
  • The Dudley Boyz will compete at an upcoming ECW event on Dec. 21 in Queens, N.Y.
  • Kurt Angle’s brother, Eric, could sign a development contract with the WWF, and if he does, he will be assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • Brad Siegel is hoping to cut $16 million off WCW’s budget, say sources, by reworking the contracts of several “mid-card and lower” wrestlers. According to sources within the WCW office, Siegel is planning to exercise the 90-day review clauses in as many contracts as possible.  He plans to release those wrestlers, and then attempt to re-sign them to cheaper day-to-day contracts.

The Fascinating Tales Of ‘Curious George’

Huntsville, Ala., Times – September 8, 2000
By Mike Marshall

MADISON — Propped up by two artificial hips, the old man in a red, white and blue tie heads toward his 1992 maroon Chevrolet Caprice Classic with a South Carolina license plate and 140,000 miles on the odometer.

He walks out of Madison Baptist Church and stops about 20 feet from the front door. He reaches for his right leg and grabs the pants of his blue suit. Continue reading

Steel City Wrestling Lives On In Far North Circuit

Beaver County Times – December 3, 2000
By Brian Knavish, Times correspondent

Last spring, Steel City Wrestling closed its doors forever.

Sort of.

Steel City Wrestling was regarded by many to be the best independent wrestling promotion in western Pennsylvania.

SCW has existed in various incarnations since the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until January of 1998 that it became a full-time, highly regarded wrestling promotion. Continue reading

Wrestle Like A Pro

Orlando Sentinel – September 24, 2000
By Gary Taylor of The Sentinel Staff

Wannabes Can Learn From Star In Sanford

Inside a small warehouse hidden away at the rear of a south Sanford business complex, a half-dozen or so men in workout clothes and sneakers are looking for a new career.

They have little else in common. One owns a cleaning service, and another owns a tile business. There’s a tow-truck driver and a computer technician. Continue reading

What Ever Happened To… Lou Thesz?

Orlando Sentinel – May 12, 2000
By Ric Russo

Back in the early days of professional wrestling, competitors needed a strong amateur background to survive. If you didn’t know how to execute the most basic moves, you were in trouble.

“It wasn’t hard to figure out which guys had [amateur wrestling) knowledge and which guys were faking it,” says Lou Thesz, a six-time World Heavyweight Champion. “If you didn’t know what you were doing, you were found out and you didn’t last long.” Continue reading

It’s TNN Vs. ECW

Orlando Sentinel – July 7, 2000
By Ric Russo

Behind-the-scenes Grappling Makes Extreme’s Media Battle As Exciting As Its Ring Action

Extreme Championship Wrestling prides itself on delivering the most “hard-core” product in the sports entertainment industry – one that features some of most violent, innovative matches seen in pro wrestling. Continue reading

What Ever Happened To… Bob Roop?

Orlando Sentinel – August 18, 2000
By Ric Russo

Bob Roop has no regrets. Professional wrestling turned out to be a good career move for the 58-year-old former Olympian.

“I met my wife when I was wrestling and today we have two beautiful children, boys ages 7 and 11,” says Roop when looking back on his 17-year career. “As a young man, I was fortunate enough to travel to places like Iraq, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, all through wrestling. Wrestling gave me a life lesson that you can’t get in any school.” Continue reading