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Dusty Rhodes To Visit CFCC Gym

Ocala Star-Banner – December 7, 1982

The Central Florida Community College Patriots will host a Championship Wrestling from Florida card on Dec. 17 at the Patriot gym.

The first match is slated for 8 p.m. Continue reading

Gilbert Wins ‘Boot Match’

Florence Times – Tri-Cities Daily – March 24, 1973

Tommy Gilbert finally managed to remove both boots from opponent Jimmy Kent to win the ‘Cowboy Boot Match’ Thursday night in wrestling at the Florence National Guard Armory. Continue reading

Battering With A Chair Led To Disqualification

St. Petersburg Independent – July 6, 1983
Gene Taylor

Cowboy Ron Bass apparently thought he could beef up his chances against Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan Tuesday night if he rounded up Ox Baker for his partner in the Special Challenge wrestling match at packed Fort Hesterly Armory. Continue reading

Rhodes Took It All The Way To The Balcony

St. Petersburg Independent – April 27, 1983
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The things some referees will do to make a three-count. Tuesday night, referee Bill Alphonso chased Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, The Purple Haze and Kevin Sullivan all the way through the crowd and up to the balcony to give Rhodes a pinfall.

It started as a Lights Out Texas Cinch match between Dusty Rhodes and Kevin Sullivan. They were tied to opposite corners of the ring, Windham tying Sullivan and The Purple Haze tying Rhodes. The wrestler getting loose first would have an advantage, of course.

At the bell, the Haze went to assist Sullivan, and in less than a minute they had Rhodes on his knees and bleeding. But when Windham came charging into the fray, they fled the ring with Rhodes and Windham dogging their heels in hot pursuit, the referee following.

Finally, on the balcony leading to the dressing rooms, Rhodes and Windham caught their opponents and the battle broke out again. Nobody knows why the referee didn’t give them all a 10-count for being outside the ring, but when Rhodes pinned Sullivan after 6:09, he gave it to Rhodes.

Windham and Cowboy Ron Bass wrestled Angelo Mosca and Outlaw Bobby Dunkum, who hasn’t been seen in these parts since he lost a “loser leaves the state” match a few years ago.

Windham and Bass seemed to be controlling the match until Mosca jumped Bass from behind. Then, after the second free-for-all broke out, Windham was tossed out of the ring, paving the way for double-teaming on Bass.

The referee, who had been stunned during the last fracas, managed to spot Bass taking a vicious double-teaming attack and stopped the match. To the further delight of the crowd, as the bell sounded Windham attacked James Dillon, who was attempting to interfere for the second time during the match.

In the other matches: Terry Allen had a leg injury and had to forfeit a match with The Exotic Adrian Street; Scott McGhee and Brad Armstrong wrestled The Professional and Bad Leroy Brown to a time-limit draw; and Charlie Cook defeated Leroy Brown, who substituted for Frank Dusek.