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Rhodes, Kox Win Feature

Palm Beach Post – February 6, 1979

Dusty Rhodes and Killer Karl Kox won the feature wrestling match last night by defeating Mr. Uganda and Jos le duc.  In a Florida title match, Jim Garvin retained his crown with a win over Sonny King. Continue reading

Baker’s Souffle Attempt Flops

St. Petersburg Independent – March 29, 1978
Gene Taylor

TAMPA – The team of Killer Karl Kox and 311-pound Ox Baker came close, but they couldn’t keep the dynamic duo of Dusty Rhodes and Rocky Johnson down for the three-count last night. Continue reading

Tolos Tag Team Triumphs Again

Spokane Daily Chronicle – July 15, 1967

John and Chris Tolos successfully defended their tag team title last night at the Colisum wrestling matches against Don Leo Jonathan and Rocky Johnson. Continue reading

BET Cable Channel To Air UWA

St. Petersburg Times – August 20, 2001
By Jim Varsallone

The Urban Wrestling Alliance has inked a deal with the BET cable network with plans of airing shows Wednesday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon beginning in the fall. Continue reading

Gardens Goes To The Mat For Its ‘Last Dance’

Louisville Courier-Journal – June 27, 2001
By Tom Heiser

As the doors close on the Gardens, it is impossible not to wax a little nostalgic.

I’ve watched great haunts of my youth — the Vogue, the White Castle in the Highlands — disappear from the local landscape without the benefit of a final lying-in-state, one last chance to say goodbye. With the Gardens I have that chance. Continue reading

Rhodes Dusts Off Stomper

The Miami News – January 1, 1975

Dusty Rhodes defeated the Mongolian Stomper in the feature wrestling match at the Miami Beach Auditorium last night.  Joe LeDuc won by disqualification over Cowboy Bill Watts for the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

Continue reading

Jack Brisco Loses But Still Wins

The Miami News – May 7, 1975

Professional wrestling’s world heavyweight champion lost a match but kept his title last night at Miami Beach Convention Center.  Dory Funk Jr. won by disqualification over Jack Brisco, but a title cannot change hands on a disqualification.

Continue reading

Angry Public Denounces Disciplinary Actions

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel – October 26, 2000
By John W. Allman

DAVIE — One by one the questions came, followed by accusations and then observations of disbelief. Continue reading

Rocky Johnson Never Turned In His Cell Phone

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel – October 30, 2000
By John W. Allman

DAVIE — Suspended from his job and under police investigation, Rocky Johnson never turned in his town-issued cellular phone. Continue reading

Residents Demand Apology Over ‘Rockygate’

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel – November 2, 2000
By John W. Allman

DAVIE — They called for his job, but Mayor Harry Venis did not speak. They called for an apology, but Venis said nothing. They called the three-term mayor an embarrassment and still Venis sat quiet.

Wednesday night’s Town Council meeting was a contrast in sides: one side demanding answers of Venis as to his role in the town’s hiring of Rocky Johnson, a friend and business partner. The other side defended Venis.

Johnson 56, a part-time activities leader at Pine Island Community Center, was suspended with pay Sept. 21 after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

Among the allegations being investigated by Davie police are statements that Johnson had sexual relations at the community center; that he groped a female employee; and that he asked a 12-year-old girl to play strip poker.

Johnson, whose son is “The Rock,” a popular professional wrestler, has denied the allegations. His employment with the town ended Sept. 30 when his contract expired.

Venis, who is opening a professional wrestling school in Davie with Johnson, has said little since the allegations surfaced.

He has said he called for a police investigation, yet he also has moved forward with plans to open the wrestling school.

The issue, one resident said Wednesday night, is now being called “Rockygate” by people in the town.

“Rockygate has been an embarrassment,” resident Gerry McClinton said, addressing Venis. “If I were you, I would be stepping down.”

Doug Notman, a parent whose children were at Pine Island while Johnson worked there, asked Venis why the mayor has not apologized for not talking action more swiftly once he learned of the allegations.

Venis has said he first heard rumors of possible misconduct on Labor Day. Johnson was not suspended until about three weeks later.

Notman brought up Venis’ last apology in 1997, when Venis addressed the town after it was revealed the mayor had paid for sex acts at a Dania Beach massage parlor a year earlier.

“Why haven’t you apologized to the camp children at Pine Island Community Center and the parents?” Notman asked.

Venis did not respond to the question. He did tell Notman that the town will provide answers to 29 questions Notman submitted Monday regarding Johnson and other town issues.

Several people offered Venis support during the meeting and questioned why the mayor has been singled out in the Johnson investigation.

Venis drove Johnson to his job interview, sat in on the interview and was listed by Johnson as a reference. Johnson received numerous perks during his less than four months as a temporary employee, including use of a town-issued cellular phone, use of a town vehicle and advance warning of disciplinary action before he was suspended.

Acting Town Administrator Tom Willi has said he gave Johnson advance notice of his suspension because Johnson is a friend of Venis.