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WWF Struggles As Wrestling’s One Super Power

Galveston County Daily News – December 20, 2001
By Scott Williams

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum, but the wrestling industry has been making what Ross Perot might call “giant sucking sounds” for months. A couple of would-be players are scrambling to fill the void, but scrambles often turn to stumbles. Continue reading

Schenectady Getting Ready To Rumble

Schenectady Gazette – February 16, 2001
By Bill Buell

The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is going to become a reality, according to Tony Vellano, and its home will be in Schenectady.

Vellano, a Schenectady native and Rotterdam resident who sits on the board of directors for the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, just east of Syracuse, first proposed the idea for a professional wrestling museum in May of last year. If things go as expected, he hopes to hold the inaugural induction ceremony sometime in May of 2002 at a site in downtown Schenectady. Continue reading

Gardens Goes To The Mat For Its ‘Last Dance’

Louisville Courier-Journal – June 27, 2001
By Tom Heiser

As the doors close on the Gardens, it is impossible not to wax a little nostalgic.

I’ve watched great haunts of my youth — the Vogue, the White Castle in the Highlands — disappear from the local landscape without the benefit of a final lying-in-state, one last chance to say goodbye. With the Gardens I have that chance. Continue reading

The Monday Night Fights

Memphis Magazine, May, 1983
By David Dawson

Talk about a hell of a card. We got your Bruise Brothers and your Galaxians and your Sheepherders. We got your crowd-pleasing superhero muscle-flexers like Dutch Mantell and Sonny King and Bill Dundee and – yes, believe in it – Jerry “The King” Lawler. We got your newcomers like Philip Rougeau and Cowboy Jim Dalton. We got two – count ‘em, folks – two Heavyweight Title Matches, one for the Mid-American Crown and one for the International Crown. It’s Monday night at the Coliseum. The Fights. What more could a guy want? Continue reading