German Thrown By Yank

Tacoma News Tribune – August 4, 1925

Henry Steinborn, the German giant and physical wonder, went down before Dick Daviscourt, nationally known American heavyweight, in an exciting match Monday night at the Auditorium. Daviscourt’s skill overcame the greater strength of Steinborn. Daviscourt took the first fall, while the German strong man took the second. The third and deciding fall went to the American.

Daviscourt took the first fall in 2- minutes, applying a short-arm scissors hold and carrying his powerful rival to the mat. The going was furious during the tussle with both men working hard for the fall. Steinborn’s strength held him in stead until the scientific Daviscourt managed to clamp his winning hold.

At the call for renewal of activities, the gigantic German concentrated on the toe hold, made famous by the late Frank Gotch, former world’s champion. So consistent was Steinborn that he gradually weakened the American and finally obtained a tortuous toe hold that brought the signal of defeat – a pat by Daviscourt upon the mat. Seventeen and a fraction minutes were occupied in the second fall.

The “rubber” fall was at stake when the big men clashed a third time. Each was eager to get the edge and they went at it hammer and tongs. Daviscourt revealed his skill in keeping away from the traps set by Steinborn at the same time laying in wait for an opening. A combination head scissors and Japanese arm lock finally was obtained by Daviscourt and Steinborn’s shoulder blades again kissed the canvas. Thirteen minutes were occupied.

“Cowboy” Ray, former Tacoma policeman, which means he is a heavyweight, won from Sam Brokas, Seattle heavyweight, after 20 minutes of fast grappling. Ray knew too much for Brokas and his strength was too great. Brokas was game to the core but Ray was a better mat man.

Young Togo and Young Myaki, Japanese, staged a preliminary event, Myaki winning on points in 20 minutes of action.

Professor Takagashi of Seattle, jiu-jitsu expert, challenged the winner in a mixed bout.

Joe Schmidt of the Y.M.C.A., a former wrestler, acted as referee.

The show was promoted by Tom Law, former (Wichita) Kansas promoter, who has settled in Tacoma. While the show failed to draw a big house, promoter Law says he is not a whit discouraged and plans to stake another card soon.

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