Last Night’s Mat Results At The Olympic

Los Angeles Times –  January 12, 1933

Ray Steele won over George Zaharias in the main event of Lou Daro’s wrestling match last night at the Olympic by gaining the “rubber” fall with a full nelson in 16m. and 50s. A istic fight between the gladiators followed, but Daro separated them before any bodily harm was done.

Zaharias applied a series of his tortuous face locks to pin Steele to the mat in 28m. 7s. Referee Don McDonald was compelled to intervene at intervals to wrench “Gentleman George” off his foe to avoid a good, old-fashioned strangling soiree.

Steele came back to drop Zaharias in 9m. 35s. with two body slams.

Wrapping each other up like a Christmas parcel with their elongated legs, Vic Christy and Fred Grubmeier panted to a thirty-minute draw in the semi-wind-up. They tugged and pulled and grunted but all to no avail.

Henry Graber slipped over a right to Dick Daviscourt’s chin that made a so-called pugilist in the front row turn red in remorse. The latter fell noggin first through the ropes and was unable to return within the allotted twenty seconds. This bit of action occurred just seventeen minutes and twenty seconds after activities started.

Hans Steinke registered two body slams within quick succession over Don De Laun in fourteen minutes and fifteen seconds. Steve Strelich finished George Maloney in the curtain-raiser in fourteen minutes and forty-eight seconds with a body slam.

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