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Ketonen Scores Two Falls

Boston Globe – April 7, 1920

WORCESTER – Waino Ketonen beat Joe Turner of Washington tonight in a wrestling match in Mechanic’s Hall. Turner won the first fall with a jackknife hold in 11 minutes. Ketonen won the second with a double elbow and toss over the head in 1 hour 22 minutes, and he also won the third with a body scissors hold in 40 seconds.

Londos Beats Dusek In 58 Minutes

Washington Post – June 5, 1931
By Bob Considine

Twelve thousand roaring fans last night saw the syndicate’s heavyweight wrestling crown totter on the head of Jim Londos, first hanging precariously on one side and then just caught on the flange of his bitten ear, as Rudy Dusek gave the “Greek gawd” his worst evening since Ray Steele was defeated in New York nearly a month ago. Continue reading

Wrestling Competition Was Fierce In 1920

Florida Times-Union – February 19, 1998
By Bill Foley, Columnist

The great ideas are the simple ones.

Assuming that one takes the cynical view the curious event of Feb. 20, 1920 was in fact an idea.

As opposed to all that was honest and true and spontaneous in professional wrestling until that time.

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