Londos Defends Title At Spiller Field

Atlanta Constitution – July 9, 1930

Jimmy Londos retained his heavyweight wrestling title Tuesday night at Spiller Field when he forced Dick Daviscourt to two falls with the famous Japanese toe hold, a jui jitsu variation with which Londos defeated Dick Shikat to win the title. Peter Sauer won from Tom Marvin in an exciting semi windup.

Daviscourt came back gamely for the second fall after losing the first in 32 minutes and 28 seconds. He almost floored Londos with a shoulder butt and managed to break a headlock but in breaking sprawled to the floor and Londos grabbed the injured ankle again to win in little more than a minute.

Daviscourt protested the first fall, declaring that his shoulders were out of the ropes and that the referee had broken him and Londos when the champion suddenly grabbed the toe and pulled him in the ring.

“I had relaxed and was not expecting anything when Londos grabbed me,” said Daviscourt. “I had no time or opportunity to block the hold.

“I didn’t have to come for the second fall but I wanted to come back for the good of the game. I thought I might have a chance to get him down. My ankle was pretty badly strained. The ligaments feel loose and the doctor tells me they are.”

The Londos-Daviscourt match found the big Californian forcing the going practically all the time. His superior weight and his real skill made him appear to an advantage but Londos’ alertness and real championship ability kept him out of danger.

At the end Londos’ jaw was swollen and he was spitting blood after having survived the last desperate stand of Rough Richard, the villain of the ring.

“It was the hardest match I’ve had since I won the title and one of the hardest I’ve ever had,” he said. “I think my new hold showed fans what can be done with it. I could break a leg with it but I never intend to do that.”

Sauer caught a hard one in Tom Marvin, the Indian. He was a rough man to handle but Sauer finally got him with a series of front headlocks and a body slam. The match kept the fans in an uproar all the way.

The largest crowd that ever witnessed an outdoor ring attraction here saw the match. It was estimated at about 4,000.

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