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‘Masked Marvel’ Ready For Big Wrestling Bout

Elmira Star-Gazette – September 2, 1916

Giant Heavyweight Returned to Elmira After Strenuous Training—Announces Himself Fit to Meet the Swedish Champion Labor Day Afternoon.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 9-2-1916 copy

Masked Marvel Who Wrestles Here Labor Day
Above are two likenesses of Mort Henderson, the “Masked Marvel,” who created a sensation in the New York wrestling tournament. The pictures show Mr. Henderson with and without his mask. He will unmask after his match here.

The “Masked Marvel,” who will wrestle Charles Oleson at the Maple avenue park Monday afternoon for the American heavyweight championship, arrived in Elmira last night.  He has been in training at Rochester, and with a few finishing touches announces that he will be in prime condition for the coming mat argument. Continue reading

“Masked Marvel” May As Well Discard His Hood

New York Herald – January 5, 1916

Photographs of Mort Henderson Show Remarkable Resemblance in Poses to the Mysterious Wrestler.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 1-5-1916

There is no reason why the “Masked Marvel,” who has caused wrestling “fans” and many others in all walks of life to do a lot of guessing since he first appeared in the tournament at the Manhattan Opera House, should not remove his mask, as it interferes with his work and his identity is conceded to be as good as proved. Continue reading

Big Russian Will Wrestle Masked Marvel

Elmira Star-Gazette – October 20, 1916

Ivan Michaloff, Who Wears His Native Costume On The Street, Booked To Appear At The Lyceum Theater Next Wednesday.

Ivan Michaloff 10-20-1916

Famous Russian Cossack, who has met all the best wrestlers in Europe, South America and this country, will wrestle to finish against the Masked Marvel at Lyceum next week – Michaloff is acknowledged the best mat artist in Russia.

Elmirans will enjoy a big carnival of wrestling at the Lyceum theater next Wednesday evening, when Mortimer Henderson, better known to wrestling fans as, “The Masked Marvel,” will meet Ivan Michaloff, the Russian Cossack champion, in a finish match, catch-as-catch-can, best two falls out of three. Continue reading

Wrestling Fake At Last Is Exposed

The Pittsburg Press – April 28, 1916
By Robert Edgren

“Masked Marvel” Henderson Under Weekly Salary, With Date Of His Defeat Known In Advance

New York, April 28 – A new attempt is being made to make a popular “mystery” of a wrestler called the “Masked Marvel” and identified as Mort Henderson, a clever western mat artist who lacked the bulk necessary to make him actually first class.  Two of the officials told me there were no less than three men in the so-called “tournament” held at the Manhattan Opera House who could throw him at any time.  They were Aberg, Zbyszko and Lewis. Continue reading

Maybe Not

Fort Wayne News – May 20, 1916

CHICAGO, Ill. — Frank Gotch may never wrestle Joe Stecher. The world’s champion is in Chicago consulting a specialist in stomach troubles, and he is in bad shape physically. He says he will never go into the ring unless he is in perfect shape, which now seems improbable. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis Visits This City

Milwaukee Journal – July 25, 1916

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, a Wisconsin product, who with Joe Stecher is the logical claimant of world’s wrestling honors now that Frank Gotch has come out with a statement that he is through with the mat game, was a visitor in town for a few hours Monday evening. He stopped off at 6:40 p.m. and boarded a train at 9 o’clock for Richmond, Va., where he will transact a little real estate business during the next few days. Continue reading

Toe Hold To Be Barred In Linow-Lewis Match

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – April 24, 1916

There is one ambition that Linow, the Cossack, is determined to realize and that is to defeat “Strangler” Lewis. The “Russian Man Eater” is a burly, impetuous athlete and is wrapped up in the wrestling game. His matches in Norfolk have shown him to be always an aggressive, sincere grappler with the one object of winning in view from the time he starts a bout until the finish and there is no limit to the physical power and skill that he does not put into his work to vanquish his opponent. Continue reading

Lewis Takes Seventy-Two Minutes To Beat Marvel

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – February 18, 1916

With amazing swiftness, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the world’s catch- as-catch-can champion, got a crotch and wrist lock on the Masked Marvel, the sensation of the recent tournament in New York, and slowly but surely brought his shoulders to the mat at the Colonial Theatre, ending a conflict of seventy-two minutes of wrestling. Continue reading

How Strangler Won The Title He Claims

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – March 16, 1916

With interest at high pitch everything is in readiness for the bout between “Strangler” Lewis and Antone Irsa, the “Bohemian Perfect Man,” at the Pickwick tonight. A preliminary will be staged between two of the best known local grapplers and the demand for reserved seats indictes that the largest crowd of the season will be witness the match. Continue reading

Gotch Is Not Worried

Pacific News Service – March 28, 1916

LOS ANGELES — Frank Gotch, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, is not worried over any legal action that may be taken against him by Harry Foley, the San Francisco promoter. Continue reading