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British Lords Beat Arnold, Nomellini

Sacramento Bee – March 30, 1954

The English lords, Blears and Layton, defeated Don Arnold and Leo Nomellini last night in the tag team feature of the wrestling program in the Memorial Auditorium. Continue reading

Great Togo And Bollet Highlight Mat Program

Ottawa Citizen – August 14, 1957

Midget wrestling always seems to attract the attention of grappling-minded fans.  For those people a treat is in store for them at the Auditorium’s weekly wrestling show tomorrow night. Continue reading

Nanjo Singh Vs Ali Baba Wrestling Final Tuesday Rates ‘Draw’ Verdict

The St. Maurice Valley Chronicle – October 22, 1942

Al Tucker Pins Bomba Tabu In Special Bout – Valois A Little Out Of Character In Match With Parkins – Larose Wins When Miller Is Disqualified – Double Final On Card Next Tuesday.

Write your own ticket on the Singh-Baba final Tuesday.

Officially Referee Larose claims it a ‘draw’ but he doesn’t offer any explanation.  Perhaps it’s as well.  Just ‘rasslin’ the boys say. Continue reading