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Mat Man Loses As Fighter, Too

Oakland Tribune – October 29, 1932

Rudy Laditzi Attacks Dr. Hall After Referee Gives Later Decision

Rudy Laditzi, wrestler, is nursing a sore head today as a result of a blow from a policeman’s club that broke up a near riot at the end of the wrestling bout between Laditzi and Dr. Len Hall ,at the Twelfth Street Theater last night.

Laditzi attacked Dr. Hall after the latter had been adjudged victor and was preparing to leave the ring. Referee Mark Nelson was brought into the scrap and it was necessary for the officer to wield the club to quiet Laditzi. The blow knocked him down and rendered him semi-conscious. During the embroglio a spectator threw a chair at Laditzi which narrowly missed him.

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Laditzi, Hall Top Mat Card

Oakland Tribune – October 27, 1932

Dr. Len Hall,
heavyweight wrestler, who meets Rudy Laditzi in the main event at the Twelfth Street Theater tomorrow night.

A scientific wrestler will pit his skill against a rough, powerful grappler tomorrow night at the Twelfth Street Theater, when Dr. Len Hall clashes with Rudy Laditzi, Hungarian heavyweight.

They meet in the main event on the mat card and wrestling fans will witness two decidedly different types of ring maneuvers. The bout will be a two-hour contest, two falls deciding.

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Jim Browning Trounces Gus Sonnenberg

Los Angeles Times – July 13, 1933

Surprising practically nobody, Jim Browning defeated Gus Sonnenberg in the feature wrestling match at the Olympic last night. Gus won the first fall but Browning rallied to take the next two in great style. Continue reading

Jim Browning Out To Wreck Gus Sonnenberg

Los Angeles Times – July 11, 1933

When Jim Browning arrived here from the East a few days ago to complete training work for his three-fall title match with “Dynamite” Gus Sonnenberg at the Olympic tomorrow night, he was warned by close friends to keep pout of the way of the former champion’s low billy-goat butts as the referee had never called a foul on the chunky 200-pounder for their use. Continue reading

Dean Injured As He Falls Before Szabo

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 15, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Man Mountain Dean, giant Georgia hillbilly wrestler, wasn’t kiddin’ in the least last night at the Olympic Auditorium as he lay on the canvas moaning:

“My leg, my leg! It’s broken!”

Today Dean, with his left leg in a cast, was in Georgia Street Receiving Hospital. Continue reading

Zbyszko Wins From Indian

The Oregonian – April 27, 1944

Wladek Zbyszko, the former Polish champion, and Dean Detton, one-time world’s titleholder, won top honors on Wednesday night’s double main event heavyweight wrestling card at the Auditorium and will meet in the top match next week. Continue reading

Garibaldi, Dusek Draw

Washington Post – October 7, 1938

The ancient physics problem of irresistible force vs. immovable object that has stymied scientific giants for generations finally caught up with the wrestling fans last night at Turner’s Arena where Ernie Dusek and Gino Garibaldi struggled 90 agonizing minutes to a draw. Continue reading

Ernie Dusek To Meet Garibaldi Tonight

Washington Post – October 6, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Gino Garibaldi, the close-cropped Italian who has a penchant for highly seasoned spaghetti and for tossing around the Dusek family, will try his holds on the bulging biceps of Ernie Dusek tonight at Turner’s Arena in the main event of a well balanced card. Continue reading

West Coast Sensation Imported To Wrestle

Washington Post – October 3, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Feeling the urge for new interior decorations in the Arena, promoter Joe Turner last night announced the importation of one George Wilson for Thursday night’s wrestling show. Wilson is new here, coming directly from the Pacific Coast where he has been something of a sensation. Continue reading

Pesek Starts New Campaign

Los Angeles Times – February 16, 1933

Returning to Hollywood after an absence of five months, John Pesek, the Nebraska “Tiger,” will start a new drive for world’s title recognition by meeting Glenn Wade, Long Beach heavyweight, in a two-hour, time-limit match, as the feature of five grappling bouts at the Legion Stadium tonight. Continue reading