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Strangler Lewis in Win Over Ad Santel

San Francisco Chronicle – April 29, 1933

Strangler Lewis won two out of three falls from Ad Santel in their feature wrestling match last night in the Oakland Auditorium. Lewis won the first fall in twenty-four minutes with a headlock, lost the second in six minutes when he quit to a Japanese leglog, and won the third by twisting halfway out of another leglock and pinning Santel’s shoulders to the mat in seven minutes. Continue reading

Ad Santel On Santa Cruz Card

The Evening News, San Jose, California – June 16, 1933

SANTA CRUZ, June 16. – Marvin Westenberg and Nick Velcoff top Promoter Thornton’s wrestling show at the ball park here tonight. Continue reading

Velcoff Unable To Return; Strangler Wins

Sacramento Union – December 15, 1931
By Steve George

Master of the mat, but of the old school of wrestling, Ed (Strangler) Lewis won by the aid of modern grappling methods last night before a representative crowd at Memorial Auditorium when Nick Velcoff butted himself out of the ring and fell easy prey to the champion’s famous headlock. After 47 minutes of grappling, with the world’s champion clamping all sorts of holds on the Bulgarian demon, Velcoff roughed it and butted Lewis to the mat a series of times. His next attempt found him doing a headlong dive into the row of seats beneath the ropes, falling with a thud against the floor. Lifted into the ring, Velcoff was half dazed, and two headlocks pressed him to the mat, where Lewis applied the power, rendering the gladiator almost unconscious. He was carried from the ring in a semi-conscious state and failed to answer the bell for the second fall. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis Displays Famed Headlock Tonight

Sacramento Union – December 14, 1931
By Steve George

A world’s champion, known the width and breadth of the universe for his prowess on the wrestling mat, will be the attraction on display tonight in Memorial Auditorium as Sacramento goes “big time” for the first time since the advent of the grunt and groan sports scene some four months ago. Ed (Strangler) Lewis, recognized in most states as the present heavyweight wrestling champion of the world and onetime undisputed holder of the title when wrestling was wrestling, brings his famous headlock into play in a finish match, two out of three falls, with Nick Velcoff, an able-bodied giant of Bulgarian extraction, who in a short span of time lifted himself into the limelight of Pacifc Coast wrestling. To predict Velcoff will beat the champion would be folly, but stranger things have happened and Velcoff, primed for the opportunity, is prepared to wage a bitter battle against the master of men on a wrestling mat. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis To Meet Velcoff Here On Mat

Sacramento Union – December 8, 1931
By Steve George

Edward (Strangler) Lewis, who needs no introduction other than his name to wrestling fans the world over, has finally consented to terms and inducements of local promoters and will display his championship form at Memorial Auditorium next Monday night. The “Strangler” has been matched with Nick Velcoff, the Bulgarian giant who has worked his way into a main-event spot here by a succession of easy triumphs. Continue reading

Wrestling Results

Reading Eagle – March 7, 1934
By The Associated Press

New York – Sandor Szabo, 214, Hungary, defeated Abe Coleman, 204, California, 1:24:23 (Coleman disqualified). Continue reading

Bob Kruse Wins From Ad Santel

The Evening News, San Jose, California – September 17, 1932

OAKLAND, Sept. 17.–Bob Kruse took one fall from Ad Santel in Oakland last night in 40 minutes.  John Grandovich won in 32 minutes from Nick Velcoff.  Mustapha Pasha and Jack Manuel, and Dr. Len Hall and “Moon” Mullins battled to draws.

Stan Zbyszko Wins Easy Bout In L.A.

San Francisco Call & Post – July 31, 1924

LOS ANGELES — Stanislaus Zbyszko, former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, defeated Demitre Martinoff, Russian matman, after ten minutes of grappling here last night. Martinoff was thrown from the ring, injuring a leg, and was unable to continue. “Toots” Mondt, Colorado cowboy, defeated Nick Velcoff, Bulgarian grappler, in two straight falls, gaining the first in 38 minutes and the second in 13 minutes.