Zbyszko Expects To Be Best At Age Of 60

The Spokesman-Review – July 5, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko, the famous Polish wrestler, who meets Leo LeHeureux here July 8 in a finish wrestling match, is one of the best known characters in the sports world. For 20 years Zbyszko has toured the globe, meeting all comers. Several times, the former world’s champion has announced his retirement, but the call of the mat game and the offer of big purses have proved too strong for the Polish superman.

In his globetrotting, Zbyszko has met with many queer adventures. During the war he was in Russia. In 1917, he was grabbed by the bolsheviki, who demanded to know what the Pole was doing in Russia, and proposed to execute Zbyszko offhand on the chance that he might be a spy or a capitalist.

“I am a wrestler,” pleaded Zbyszko. “I know nothing of politics or money. I know nothing but wrestling.”

“So you are a wrestler,” said Zbyszko’s captors, laughing. “Well, we have a wrestler, he is Aberg. You have heard of him, yes? You shall wrestle Aberg to amuse the soldiers. If you can throw Aberg you are a wrestler and you can go. If you lose the match you are a spy and we shoot you immediately.”

Aberg was a Russian heavyweight wrestler – one of the best in all Europe. Zbyszko says that match was the greatest thrill of his life. Soldiers, waiting to shoot him, sat around the ring, laughing and jeering. They knew Aberg and they didn’t know Zbyszko. There was a referee, who stepped on Zbyszko’s fingers and slyly kicked him as the wrestlers rolled about. But Zbyszko managed to get a fall and in the excitement following slipped back of the stage and bribed some of the soldiers to help him escape, with money he had hidden in his trunks.

Stanislaus Zbyszko has an interesting history. Like Hackenschmidt, he speaks nine languages and has a university education. He was born at Cracow. He studied law, but because of his tremendous natural strength, took up wrestling professionally and never went back to the legal grips and strangle holds. Zbyszko never developed any feature holds like the Gotch toe hold, Stecher scissors or the Lewis headlock. He always depended upon unlimited strength and endurance to wear opponents down. He has appeared in more than 2,000 matches.

He lives in the summertime on the beach at Old Orchard, Maine, staying in the sun all day, wearing only a bathing suit. He does not smoke or dissipate, or eat as much as his appetite demands. He trains four hours a day to keep his weight down and his muscles lean.

“When I am more than 60,” says Zbyszko, “I will do my best wrestling.”

He has a lot of ambition for a young fellow.


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