Zbyszko Signed For July 8 Bout

The Spokesman-Review – June 17, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko, who twice has won and lost the world’s wrestling championship, will appear in a bout here July 8, promoter Tom (Hat) Freeman announced yesterday, after receiving a telegram from Emil Klank, the Pole’s manager, who agreed to bring the wrestler here for that date.

The telegram followed a series of letters between the Spokane promoter and Mr. Klank, and assured fans of the chance to see one of the great figures of the wrestling world. The gigantic wrestler is one of the oldtimers of sport. There is some dispute about his age, but he is as reticent as a woman about the number of his summers, but Bob Edgren, veteran authority on athletics, states that the picturesque master is 58 years old, and other authorities agree that Zbyszko has passed the half-century mark.

A number of candidates are eager to meet Zbyszko. Leo LaMonteaux of Montreal may be brought here for the bout. LaMonteaux is claimant of the French-Canadian heavyweight crown. He weighs 235 pounds.

Jack Taylor, who appeared here a score of years ago and returned last winter, is also after the match. Taylor is now in Butte. Chris Friberg of Chicago also has asked Hat Freeman for a chance at the wrestling Pole.

The bout will probably be staged at the S.A.A.C. and will probably be a finish match.


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