Ventura Interested In Running For President

The Hour – August 4, 2003

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) – Former Minnesota governor and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura discussed his political future – and his “interest” in running for president – over the weekend while receiving an award for his sporting past.

Jesse Ventura 8-4-03


Visitors packed a room at the International Wrestling Institute and Museum in this central Iowa town on Saturday to see Ventura, who was Minnesota governor from 1999 to 2002.  He received the Frank Gotch award for bringing professional wrestling to a new level through his work as a politician.

Ventura said he’ll never say never when it comes to getting back into politics, but added he might be interested in running for president.

“Now, that doesn’t mean I’m announcing today or anything, just that if I were to get into politics again, that would be the only office I’m interested in.”

Gotch was world heavyweight champion from 1908 to 1915 and one of the best-known athletes in the United States at that time.  The award is given each year.

“I’m humbled by this award,” Ventura said.

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