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Wrestling Stars To Come To Sumter

The Item – October 14, 1998
By Dennis Brunson
ITEM Assistant Sports Editor

When Rev. Sam Elliott went on a trip to Arizona earlier this year, he had the opportunity to meet Billy Graham and hear his testimony.  No, not that Billy Graham, but “Superstar” Billy Graham, one of the most flamboyant professional wrestlers ever. Continue reading

No Holds Barred

TV Guide – December 5-11, 1998
By Bruce Newman

No Holds Barred article title

Pro Wrestling’s Outrageous Superstars Are Pinning Down The Sport’s Biggest Audiences And Ratings Ever!  Here’s Why.

Before you see him on-screen, you hear him coming with the thunderously amplified sound of glass shattering into a thousand jagged pieces.  It’s as if Stone Cold Steve Austin had just kicked in the front of your television set.  And in a way he has.  Striding into the ring for Raw Is War (USA Network, Mondays, 9 P.M./ET), the feared dreadnought of the World Wrestling Federation glowers at the red light on the top of the television camera.  But rather than rushing to drop his opponent into that orthopedic hell known as the Stone Cold Stunner, he responds to the crowd’s plea to once again preach the gospel according to him, Austin 3:16.  “I just whupped your ass!” he bellows and triumphantly raises his huge biceps into the air.  Like Hollywood Hulk Hogan, who at this moment is doing virtually the same routine on TNT’s WCW Monday Nitro (Mondays, 8 P.M./ET), Austin’s greatest strength as a wrestler is his mouth.  “I don’t read from a script out there,” Austin says.  “Everything from me is ad-lib.  You turn a camera on, put that little red light on me, I’m gonna go.”  So turn a little red light on TV’s hottest form of entertainment, because as Austin himself might say: Hell, yeah!  Professional wrestling is ready for its close-up. Continue reading

Bushwhackers Vs. The Batten Twins

Beaver County Times – May 8, 1998



Professional wrestling fans have a chance to see their favorite sport right in their own back yard. Continue reading

Legends Gather At King Street Palace

Charleston Post and Courier – June 21, 1998
By Mike Mooneyham

Once in a blue moon an event comes along that shouldn’t be missed.

The recent Low Country Wrestling Society reunion was one of those special occasions.

A number of former greats from the old Mid-Atlantic wrestling area gathered in Charleston on May 29-31 to take part in festivities that included an autograph session and an awards ceremony at the King Street Palace (the old County Hall), and a banquet at a downtown motel. Continue reading

Tribute To Henry Marcus

Charleston Post and Courier – May 24, 1998
By Mike Mooneyham

Downtown Charleston may be filled with the sights and sounds of Spoleto, but next weekend at 1000 King Street, professional wrestling will be the order of the day.

The King Street Palace, site of the former County Hall, will be the stage for the biggest pro wrestling reunion ever held in this area. “The Night the Legends Return: A Tribute to Henry Marcus” will be a long-overdue tip of the hat to one of the sport’s great promoters, along with a recognition of the past stars of the Mid-Atlantic area. Continue reading

Stepping Back In Time At Old County Hall

Charleston Post & Courier – April 5, 1998
By Mike Mooneyham

If you build it, they will come.

Henry Marcus did many years ago, and for several decades they came in droves.

County Hall was the place to be on Friday nights, and Marcus was the man who promoted weekly wrestling shows that put this town on the map as a mat mecca. Continue reading

Windy City Wrestling Brings In Big Guys

Cedar Rapids Gazette – December 20, 1998
By Adam Lowenstein

There are no 10-foot video screens or fancy pyrotechnics at the matches and some of the muscle-bound participants toil 40 hours a week in their “regular” jobs. But please don’t call the professional Windy City Wrestling organization minor league. Continue reading

The Rock Is WWF Bad Boy

Cedar Rapids Gazette – August 7, 1998
By Luke DeKoster

When Dwayne Johnson was a kid, he didn’t dream of becoming the president, a doctor or even a star major-league pitcher.

Now called Rocky Maivia professionally, the 26-year-old has fulfilled his dream: breaking noses and thrilling crowds as a pro wrestler. Continue reading

Weighing In On ‘Rassling’

Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 1, 1998
By Gus Schrader

I’m being honest when I say I never saw any of Jerry Springer’s controversial TV shows before the big storm erupted over the revelation of scripting for those participating — or combating — on the air. Continue reading

Wrestling Competition Was Fierce In 1920

Florida Times-Union – February 19, 1998
By Bill Foley, Columnist

The great ideas are the simple ones.

Assuming that one takes the cynical view the curious event of Feb. 20, 1920 was in fact an idea.

As opposed to all that was honest and true and spontaneous in professional wrestling until that time.

Continue reading