Funk-Shire And Gal Match Heads Mat Program Monday

Pampa Daily News – April 10, 1955

BABS WINGO... on local mat card

BABS WINGO… on local mat card

The Dory Funk-Roy Shire wrestling rivalry, strong sample of which was seen in the course of a tag match at the Pampa arena last week, is to be resumed at the Top o’ Texas Sportsman’s Club Monday night.

Regular tag team partners of the two bad boys, Bobby Wallace and Cowboy Carlson, will be on the card, too, against each other, but whatever help Wallace gives Prof. Shire and Carlson gives Funk will be strictly on the illegal side except for voice encouragement from outside the ring.

Children admission prices for Monday’s mat card will be 50 cents, according to the Pampa Shrine Club, sponsors of wrestling here.  This change will be for this week only.

 The regular admission prices for adults will prevail.

The former Normer Northwestern University professor of physical science, Shire, and the cowboy proprietor of Flying Mare Ranch, Funk, will top off a card of four bouts, including a double main event.

The “extra special” added attraction brings in two of the most famous Negro women wrestlers of the country – husky Babs Wingo of New Orleans and slender but powerful Ethel Johnson of Atlanta, Ga.

Wingo and Johnson, rated nationally at the top of their category, are capable of staging a match hard to beat from a standpoint of speed and rough action.  They can show the menfolks some tricks in the trade when it comes to rapid, rugged wrestling fireworks.

Each of the main events is for two best falls of three or one hour.

The Pampa Shrine Club, which sponsors professional wrestling in Pampa, turning profits to charity, anticipates a turn-away crowd Monday night for the feature attractions and the two preceding events.

Handsome, broadshouldered boys named Angelo Poffo of Chicago and Bill Parks of North Bay, Ontario, Canada, open the card with a one-fall or 15-minute joust that should get the fans in the right mood for an interesting evening.

Cowboy Carlson of Ekalaka, Mont., tangles with Prof. Shire’s manager – second – partner, Bobby Wallace, in the second event, scheduled for one fall or 20 minutes.

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