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Funk-Shire And Gal Match Heads Mat Program Monday

Pampa Daily News – April 10, 1955

BABS WINGO... on local mat card

BABS WINGO… on local mat card

The Dory Funk-Roy Shire wrestling rivalry, strong sample of which was seen in the course of a tag match at the Pampa arena last week, is to be resumed at the Top o’ Texas Sportsman’s Club Monday night. Continue reading

Drama Comes To Field House

Moline Daily Dispatch – January 21, 1950
By Jim Dix

(ED. NOTE – Feeling itself inadequate to deal with the thespian elegancies of the Gorgeous George show at Wharton Fieldhouse last night, the sports department called upon the Dispatch drama critic, Jim Dix, to do the reporting.)

One thing may be said in praise of the drama (see footnote No. 1) at Wharton Fieldhouse last night. The timing was perfect. It started out on a dramaturgically correct minor key (see footnote 2), setting the mood for the coming of the star, and then, at exactly the right moment, the star appeared, like a disdainful Caesar, come to intimidate the Roman senate. Continue reading

Ivan Gorky, Poppenheim Split Match

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 21, 1952

There’s trouble a-brewing at Fairgrounds Arena.

The Gorky brothers’ claim to fame has been squelched for the second time by arrogant Kurt Von Poppenheim, as Ivan Gorky failed to win Monday night over the powerful Prussian in an action-filled one-hour battle that ended in a draw. Continue reading

Poppenheim Defeats Cowboy Carlson

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 17, 1952

Kurt Von Poppenheim, virtual ruler of Fairgrounds Arena until his defeat last week by Herb Parks, hit the comeback trail Monday night (Jan. 14) as he downed Cowboy Orville Carlson, the Montana bronc-buster, in an action-packed, one-hour brawl. Continue reading

Poppenheim Finally Loses

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 10, 1952

Arrogant Kurt Von Poppenheim, virtual ruler of Fairgrounds Arena for many weeks, finally met his match Monday night (Jan. 7) as he was thoroughly dumped by Herb Parks, the Canadian knee wrecker. Continue reading