Negro Girls To Rassle Here

Lincoln Evening Journal – January 25, 1955

Babs Wingo

Babs Wingo

Negro girl rasslers make their first appearance in Lincoln Thursday night when Kathleen Wimbley tangles with Babs Wingo at the Fairgrounds in a preliminary to the tag team championship bout.

Art Nielson and Reggie Lisowski will defend their team championship for the second time in three weeks.  Challenging will be the popular Pat O’Connor and Roy McClarity.

While the feature bout will draw most attention, the Wingo-Wimbley tussle should provide interest.  Miss Wimbley is a northerner from Columbus, O., 19-years-old, and her opponent is a New Orleans gal.

Replacing two other Negro girls on the preliminary card will be Anotone Leone winner over Jimmy Szikszay last week, and Joe Dusek.

Nielson and Lisowki beat Hans Schmidt and Hans Hermann two weeks ago in an unpopular decision.  This week two referees – Joe and Bob Krejci of Omaha – will police the team bout.

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