Man Mountain Dean Dumps Pinto

Chicago Tribune – January 3, 1939

Man Mountain Dean won his wrestling exhibition with Stanley Pinto in Cicero Stadium yesterday afternoon when Pinto was counted out by referee Earl Mollihan after 9 minutes and 15 seconds.

In other bouts: Pat Murphy beat Jack Mason, 13:35; John Evko beat Vic Soldat, 30:00; Silent George Mack beat Mike Markoff, 30:00; Jack Ross beat Joe Mitchell, 14:45.

Ruffy Silverstein was awarded a decision over Olaf Olson after 24 minutes and 25 seconds of wrestling in White City last night. After both fell from the ring, Silverstein was the only one able to climb back before the twenty count. Bert Rubi, scheduled to meet Olson, was incapacitated with an arm infection.

In other results: Walter Palmer beat Jack Conley, 30 minutes; Roy Rickenbacher beat Babe Kasaboski, 27:04; Mike Markoff pinned Kid Chapman, 17 minutes, and Whitey Hewitt drew Ken Fenelon, 30 minutes.

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