Mighty Wrestlers In Great Bout Here Tonight

Boston Globe – November 27, 1919

Will “Strangler” Ed Lewis’ head lock prevail or will the equally effective double-nelson of Wladek Zbyszko bring the “Mighty Son of Poland” through a victor in tonight’s battle in Mechanic’s Building?

The importance of the contest is recognized by the fans, for they realize that Lewis is struggling to retain the prestige of his previous victory over the Pole at Braves Field in 1917 and also to prevent elimination from among the championship contenders.

As matters now stand Lewis was defeated by Stecher, and another setback tonight would spell disaster to any hopes he might have of capturing the title.

Zbyszko has never forgiven Lewis for the defeat at Braves Field. In fact, the Pole has always contended that Lewis threw him from the ring.

Both men are at their best, interest is exceptionally high, and every indication is that there will be a big crowd on hand when the first of the preliminaries are called at 8:15 by promoter George Tuohey.


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