Marshall, Detton Failed To Reach Decision

Los Angeles Times – November 7, 1940

Everett Marshall and Dean Detton got exactly nowhere in their match which topped the first round of last night’s elimination wrestling card at the Olympic Auditorium.

After several minutes of grappling, mostly out of the ring, the behemoths belted each other out into the aisle and neither was able to return within the 20-second time limit.

Hardboiled Haggerty roughed Pete Peterson into submission in 7m. 39s. in another feature. Ignacio Martinez decisioned Tiny Roebuck while Tommy Nilan disposed of Rudy LaDitzi by the same method.

Complete first-round results:

Jules Strongbow defeated Lou Miller, decision; Hardy Kruskamp defeated Bill Hansen (flip of coin after match called draw); Cardiff Giant defeated Buddy O’Brien, body twist, 9m. 48s.; Bobby Managoff defeated Pat Riley, drop kicks, 26s.; Tommy Nilan defeated Rudy LaDitzi, decision; Ignacio Martinez defeated Tiny Roebuck, decision; Hardboiled Haggerty defeated Pete Peterson, 7m. 39s. (Peterson unable to continue); Everett Marshall and Dean Detton, no decision (both out of ring for more than 20 seconds).

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