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Chargers’ Ladd Debut March 26

Chicago Defender – March 19-25, 1966

Ernie Ladd, giant Negro defensive tackle in pro football, will make his Chicago debut in wrestling March 26 when he meets Bulldog Plechas in the Amphitheatre, 43rd and Halstead Sts. Continue reading

Great Togo And Brother On Mat Card

Ottawa Citizen – February 13, 1954

Sakata Togo, full brother of The Great Togo, will make his eastern Canada debut at the Auditorium Tuesday night when he meets Bobby Nelson, speedy St. Louis grappler, in one of the bouts preceding the main attraction between Bobby Managoff and The Great Togo. Continue reading

Thesz Tackles Rogers In Valley Headliner

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – December 30, 1955

Lou Thesz defends his world’s heavyweight title tonight against Buddy Rogers in a one-fall-to-a-finish bout that headlines the Mississippi Valley Sports Club’s five-match wrestling program at Kiel Auditorium. Continue reading

Gorgeous George to Feature on Wrestling Card Friday

Southeast Weekly Bulletin – November 17, 1955

Gorgeous George 11-17-55

Gorgeous George, wrestling’s greatest attraction, will meet young Dick Hutton Friday night, November 18, at the Arena in a 2 out of 3 falls, 1 hour time limit main event.  The gorgeous one will be here in all his splendor with his colorful robes, purple orchid, gold Gorgeous pins and valet to spray the ring before he wrestles.  He is a colorful wrestler and uses every conceivable way to beat his opponent.  He is well versed in the scientific field of wrestling but can and does use many of the rougher tactics to win.  The human orchid, as he is sometimes called, weighs 225 pounds and calls Hollywood his home. Continue reading

Marshall, Detton Failed To Reach Decision

Los Angeles Times – November 7, 1940

Everett Marshall and Dean Detton got exactly nowhere in their match which topped the first round of last night’s elimination wrestling card at the Olympic Auditorium. Continue reading

Thesz, Gomez In Title Match Friday

Houston Chronicle – February 24, 1957

World heavyweight wrestling champion Louis Thesz defends his title and belt against a man who already holds a victory over him when he meets Texas champion Pepper Gomez in the main event at the City Auditorium Friday night.

Gomez earned the right to face Thesz by his battle with El Medico last week and also earned it on the basis of his record. The last time he faced Thesz he won a conclusive victory over the big St. Louis star and ousted him out of the No. 2 spot in the nation’s ratings.

Gomez will go into the ring full of confidence on Friday. Since his last battle with Thesz he has had the advantage of coaching by Lou’s former manager, Strangler Lewis, and he expects the things he learned from Ed to pay big dividends in Friday’s fracas.

Friday’s six-match card is at the City Auditorium due to the fact that the rodeo occupies the Coliseum. But promoter Morris Sigel has made the bill of Coliseum proportions.

In the semifinal an international slugging bee will take place when Oriental Tokyo Joe matches his chops and chokes against the rough wrestling of Irish Danny McShane.

In the balance of the prelims Bobby Managoff battles Iron Mike in the promising special event with Managoff out after main event recognition.

The Bulldog faces 552-pound Country Boy Calhoun who is rapidly assuming the proportions of a legend here.

Joe (Killer) Christy tries his wallops against sturdy Dirty Don Evans in the second bout.

Larry Chene will leap into action in the opener against Mad Maurice Vachon.

Brisco Wins World Title

The Houston Post – July 21, 1973

Oklahoma’s Jack Brisco became the first man to win the world’s heavyweight wrestling title in a Houston ring since 1942 when he scored a sensational three fall victory over Harley Race in Sam Houston Coliseum Friday night.

The last time the title changed hands here Bobby Managoff beat Canada’s Yvon Robert in November of 1942.  Before that, Bronko Nagurski defeated Louis Thesz here June, 1939.

Race had won the title from Dory Funk, Jr., in Kansas City on May 24, ending Funk’s four-year reign.  Before Friday’s match, Race was given a new $10,000 gold belt by National Wrestling Alliance president Sam Muchnick, but Brisco’s win took the belt from Race before he had a chance to wear it.

Brisco was born in Oklahoma and went to high school in Blackwell, Oklahoma.  He was all-state fullback, but also top wrestler in the state and when he went to OklahomaState, he passed up football to become National Intercollegiate champion, with an undefeated record.

Brisco led during the majority of the first fall.  But the wily Race survived to slam Brisco to the mat and take the opening fall in just over 12 minutes.

Brisco threw everything he had into evening the score.  He caught Race in his leg breaker, forcing the man who held the belt to submit.

When they came out for the final fall, Brisco set the pace.  When Race threw Brisco into the ropes, expecting to toss him into the air for a back drop, they hit, with Brisco coming high.  The move knocked Race down with Brisco on top and the fall was scored to the new National Wrestling Alliance champion.


Milwaukee Journal – May 13, 1952

Tarzan Kowalski, who will meet Mighty Atlas at the Auditorium on Sunday, May 18, won the Canadian Heavyweight championship last week in Montreal. He defeated Bobby Managoff, who held the “title” more than 2 years.