Manlapig Cops Olympic Bout

Los Angeles Times – November 2, 1939

Pantaleon Manlapig, the pride of the Philippines, retained his role as one of the favorites in the Olympic wrestling tournament last night by making quick work of Manuel Rodriguez in an exciting matfest.

Manlapig stomped from his corner at the bell and commenced roughing his Mexican foe to no little extent, finally pinning Rodriguez with a smashing body slam in 3m. 11s.

Vic Christy, making his initial appearance since his return from Australia, overcame the favored Tom Zaharias with an overhead body slam to win in 5m. 19s. Hank Metheny scored a 30m. decision over Sammy Stein to reverse last week’s outcome and even the series between the two.

Baron Ginsberg, Big Bill Shea and Tony Felice were eliminated from further participation in the tournament, suffering their second defeat in tourney competition.

Ginsberg was unable to fathom the experienced drop-kick attack of Dr. John (Dropkick) Murphy and was booted unmercifully before Dr. Murphy crossed him up with a body slam to win the match in 13m. 24s. Dr. Len Hall proved the downfall of Shea, utilizing a toe hold to whip the big boy in 2m. 6s. Felice was the victim of a stepover toe hold as administered by Kola Kwariani. Kwariani won in 2m. 10s.

Aladar Schiszler sent Don Luis Sebastian down to defeat with a hip lock in 10m. 10s. in the opener, followed by Crusher Al Billings’ 14m. 6s. defeat of Joe Pazandak by a body roll, and Hardboiled Haggerty’s easy win over Bill Hansen with a body press in 14m. 48s.

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