Wolfman Fights John Valentine

St. Petersburg Times – July 22, 1949

Tonight at the Gable Armory the Wolfman will tussle with Johnny Valentine in a best two out of three falls, one hour time limit, main event.

Henceforth all wrestling cards will be held on Friday night with the Gable Armory being the scene of the terrible carnage.

Chris Belkas was scheduled to fight the main event but was unable to appear this week and the Wolfman was moved up from the semi-final to the big bout.  This willl be the Wolfman’s first appearance in the ring since his gashing by an irked fan here three weeks ago.  Twenty-six stitches were taken in his arm and shoulder from the resulting gash caused by a broken bottle.

In the semi-final bout, Young Sandow will meet Nick Bacalis, the former Chicago policeman, in a one fall, forty-five minute time limit, affair.  This will be the battle of the drop kick vs. the head butt.  Sandow, like Belkas, uses the drop kick as his most effective tactic while Bacalis head butts his foe into submission with his solid, bald cranium.

Opening the card with a one fall, thirty minute time limit bout, will be Pat O’Hara and Nattie Nappa.  Nappa has made an excellent reputation in New York as a first rate grappler and O’Hara, a local grunt and groan artist, is popular with the fans.  He has shown steady improvement and is a real strong man of the ring.

Referee for the bouts will be announced at ringside.

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