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The Greatest Drawing Card In The Game

Associated Press – March 11, 1953
By Harold V. Ratliff

DALLAS, Tex. – Along the wrestling trail these days they say the only thing that worries Gorgeous George, the greatest drawing card in the game, is his blond, wavy hair.

Without his crowning glory, the gorgeous one would be just another wrestler. How it has stayed with him this long, through all the dyes, permanent waves, curling and hefty yanks by opponents, is something of a mystery. But it’s luxuriant and appears good for many more miles. Still, George the Texan who attained fame and fortune with his colorful robes, perfume, classic profile, valets, and roughhouse wrestling, worries about his hair. Continue reading

Nagurski To Headline Friday Program

The Oregonian – October 16, 1953

One of the greatest football players in collegiate grid history, Bronko Nagurski, will take the spotlight in the top attraction of the Portland Wrestling Club’s mat show at the armory Friday night. Continue reading

Four Wrestling Agents Get Indiana Licenses

Associated Press – August 20, 1953

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana, only state which tries to control the quality of pro wrestling, has licensed four out-of-state booking office managers. Continue reading

Strangler’s Mother Was Wrong

Sacramento Union – February 25, 1953
By Bob McCarty

Robert Friedrich was in town Monday night for the Memorial Auditorium mat show but few, if any, would have recognized the man had he been introduced at ringside by that name. But bulging Bob rated a big hand when introduced via his ring handle, Ed (Strangler) Lewis. Continue reading

Lou Thesz Held To Draw Before Record Gate

Sacramento Union – February 24, 1953

Lou Thesz, wrestling champion of the world, was held to a one-hour draw last night in Memorial Auditorium by Enrique Torres, who holds the Pacific Coast championship. A sellout crowd, largest mat turnout in 15 years, contributed to a record gross of $4,776.05. Continue reading

Thesz Stakes Title Tonight With Torres

Sacramento Union, February 23, 1953

Sacramento gets its first world championship wrestling match in years tonight when Lou Thesz will defend his title against Enrique Torres, Pacific Coast champion. Continue reading

What Sam Says: Auburn Avenue

Pittsburgh Courier – August 22, 1953
By I. P. Reynolds

It’s the Elks Sports Night, Wednesday, Aug. 26.  There will be an all-girl tag team wrestling match.  Names of those participating are Babs Wingo, Betty White, Kathleen Wimberley, and Ethel Johnson.  Thirty-six rounds of boxing.  Dusty Freeman vs. Ike Hart, ten rounds; Hoyt Nummaly vs. Baby Beans, eight rounds, and other matches, Tuesday night, 7 o’clock, at Herndon’s Stadium.

Everybody In The Act

The Baltimore Afro-American – December 5, 1953

Babs Wingo Mary Horton v Betty White Katherine Wimbley 12-5-53Photo taken at wrestling matches sponsored by Frontier Club Monday evening at the Baltimore Coliseum shows the four participants and both referees tangled up.  On floor, Mary Horton “suffers” from a scissors lock, while Katherine Wimbley on rope strand is getting ready to add to her torture by stomping with her bare feet.  Also on floor is Babs Wingo.  Other girl in tangle is Betty White who teamed with Kathleen in the team match.

HERE BABS WHITE (left) and Mary Horton (right) are having "fun" putting a hammer lock and chin clinch on Betty White, who is everything but amused.

HERE BABS WHITE (left) and Mary Horton (right) are having “fun” putting a hammer lock and chin clinch on Betty White, who is everything but amused.

Mean Girl, Good One To Wrestle In Cape; Tag Event On

The Southeast Missourian – July 10, 1953

An unusual feature wrestling match has been scheduled for Saturday night at the Arena.  Ethel Johnson and Babs Wingo, both Negroes, will grapple for a regulation match, two out of three falls, 60-minute time limit. Continue reading

Wally Dusek Meets Henning At Coliseum

Miami Daily News – March 18, 1953

A co-feature wrestling card has been scheduled for tonight at the Coliseum starting at 8:30 p.m.

In the first half, Wally Dusek of the Dusek riot squad will meet Johnny Henning in a two out of three falls match with a one hour time limit. Continue reading